The family of Albert and Annie Birtwistle

Family of Albery & Annie Birtwistle 1901

I’ve been looking at a whole load of family ancestor photos trying to work who is who by cross referencing them with some group shots and the family tree my cousin Hamish has been putting together, but names and dates don’t quite add up. The photo above is of my great grandparents Albert and Annie Birtwistle and their family from 1901.

Cousin Hamish has the children listed as follows:

  1. Gertrude b: 1882
  2. William b: 1884
  3. Madge b: 1886
  4. Amy (Twin) b: 1887
  5. Hilda (Twin) b: 1887
  6. James Astley b: 19 FEB 1889
  7. Henry Oscar  b: 1890
  8. Mary b: 1891
  9. Albert b: 1894
  10. Norman b: 1896
  11. George b: 1900
  12. Doris b: 1902

I’ve checked this against the Census records on The 1891 Census records have the following listed:

Albert Birtwistle 41
Annie M Birtwistle 33
Gertrude M Birtwistle 8 (abt 1883)
William Birtwistle 6 (abt 1885)
Harry C Birtwistle 5/12 (abt 1890)

The 1901 Census has the following listed:

Albert Birtwistle 51
Annie M Birtwistle 43
Gertrude M Birtwistle 18 (abt 1883)
Hilda Birtwistle 13 (abt 1888)
Amy Birtwistle 13 (abt 1888)
Doris M Birtwistle 8 (abt 1893)
Albert E Birtwistle 7 (abt 1894)
Norman Birtwistle 4 (abt 1897)
Gilbert G Birtwistle 2 (abt 1899)

I’m not sure why Madge, James Astley and Mary don’t appear on the Cenuses and I’m guessing Gilbert G mentioned in the 1901 census is the same person Hamish has listed as George. The dates do seem to tally with those mentioned, except for Doris who on the census appears to be older being born in 1893 rather than the 1902 that Hamish has listed. This seems to tally with photo above and below and so I’ll now try and match faces to names.

Birtwistles Above:
Back row: Amy, Gertrude, Madge, William
Middle row: Hilda, Annie, Gilbert George  (on stool) , Doris, Norman (on knee), Albert
Front Row: Henry Oscar, James Astley, Albert

There’s a bit of guess work from my mother and myself about this, but we think it must be Glibert George on stool by Annie and Norman of Albert’s knee based on size. The same assumption is being made about Henry Oscar being on left of James Astley and Albert (Bertie) on the right. My mother remembers Amy having a softer face than Hilder, so thinks it’s Amy on the back row in the photo above and on the right in the photo below.

Birtwistles Below:
Back row: Hilda, James Astley, William, Amy, Henry Oscar
Middle row: Gertrude, Albert, Annie, Madge, Doris
Front Row: Albert, Gilbert George, Norman

I’m less sure about front row, and am simply guessing names by sizes.

The Family of Albert & Annie Birtwistle 1908

5 thoughts on “The family of Albert and Annie Birtwistle

  1. Hi
    I am Researching the Birtwistle Family for a John Corner. John is the Godson of a William Birtwistle b 1890 Blackburn Lancashire. He was the Director of Fisheries Department in Singapore, in the 1920’s, and was married to Alice Slack, a Colonial Nursing Sister.

    William Birtwistles parents were, Joseph Birtwistle b 1859/60 Blackburn, and Jane Clegg 1858 Lancashire.

    Joseph had a brother called William Birtwistle b 1855 Blackburn who married, Susannah Holden b 1856 Blackburn
    William was in the Cotton industry, and if i am right lived at Billinge Scar Estate Blackburn. He ws very well off.

    One of William and Susannah’s sons was Arthur Birtwistle, who was a Lieutenant Colonel in the 210, Royal Field Artillery. He went on to become Brigadeer General.

    John Corner, who i am Researching for, is trying to find any living Relatives of the Birtwistle family, Descending from his Godfather William Birtwistle1890,

    Would you possibly be a Descendany from the same Birtwistle Family? as i have been reading what you have written about the Birtwistles, and it seems that you could be from the same Birtwistle family i am Researching.

    Would you mind letting me know please

    Many Thanks
    Lesley Stanley

  2. my name Is Hazel Lee My Gt Gt Grandmother was Isabella Birtwistle she married William Walmsley she lived in Gt Harwood Lancs I think at 43 clayton RdI don’t Know who her Parents were but she may have been a relative of yours regards Hazel Lee

  3. I might have something interesting for you. In an old photo album of my wife’s grandmother Marguerite Cochius from Arnhem, The Netherlands, there is a series of pictures taken during her stay in Neuchatel, Switzerland, between January and May 1900 in a “finishing school” called “Les Tourelles”. There were girls from several countries (i.a. Sweden,Switzerland and four from yhe UK: Madge and Gerty Birtwistle, Marjorie Nicholson and Violet Gilbertson). I am sure that Gerty and Madge are ÿour”gerty and Madge: on one of the pictures Gerty is wearing the dress with the diagonalle striped top she is wearing on your 1901 family picture. If you want is, I’ll be glad to have it copied and send it to you (either by scan, or by old fashioned mail). Tom Etty, Nymegen, The Netherlands

  4. I have, which I believe to be the Birthwistle Family, a photograph Album which I am researching some of the names added to some of the photographs.
    By all means email me.
    Kind regards,

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