Alfred Ocatavius Kirby and the Schneider Connection

My great great grandfather Alfred Octavius Kirby married Beatrice Elizabeth Schneider after his first wife (my great great grandmother) Alice Baxendale died. Beatrice and Alice were cousins. Their mothers were daughters of the Rev. Joseph Turner. He was the Curate between 1834 and 1842 at Frodsham, Cheshire, England. He was the Rector between 1842 and 1844 at Fen Ditton, Cambridgeshire, England1 He was the Vicar between 1844 and 1870 at Lancaster, Lancashire, England. He held the office of Hon. Canon of Manchester in 1853.

Beatrice’s father was the Politician and Industrialist Henry William Schneider who helped develop Barrow-in-Furness by discovering Iron Ore nearby and subsequently siting what was largest Bessemer convertor in the world at the time there. Apparently, he travelled to work in his steam yacht across Windermere and then by his private train.

I thought there might be a connection with my Aunt Diana’s Scheider ancestors.  I couldn’t find any connection other than they both up North around the same time but here’s what I did find out. We know that Aunt Diana’s mother was Muriel Schnedier, the only child of Edward Oskar Schneider, of Mansfield Lodge, Whalley Range,
Manchester. She married Charles Aloysius [Barnewall], 19th Baron Trimlestown on 16 Jun 1926 and died 22 Jun 1937.

In the 1901 Census, I found an Edwd Osker Schneider (Shipping Merchant) aged 35 married to Florence Schneider (35) living at Mansfield Lodge with a daughter called  Mariel Schneider aged 6. Mariel is probably transcription error for Muriel. They have about 6 servants.

This gives us an estimated Birth Year of Edward of about 1866 and this tallies with the Edward Oskar Schneider I found on The Lancashire OnLine Parish Clerk Project who was baptised by G. A. G. Anson on 28 Dec 1865 at St James, Birch in Rusholme, Lancashire, England. The parents are listed as  (Merchant) Edward Oskar Schneider & Harriet  who live at Heald Grove.

From looking through possible marriages on I think the Florence Schneider mentioned above was Florence Radford before she married Edward Junior, and I think they married in  1891.  It’s possible that Florence was thedaughter of a William Radford and Marion F Radford. He was a civil engineer from Moss Side. I also think that Edward Junior died on 28 Mar 1940.

In the 1881 Census, there’s an Edward O. Schneider born in Manchester aged 15 with an estimated birth year: abt 1866. Father’s name Edward O. Schneider and mother’s name: Eva S. Schneider. They live in Wilmslow Rd Cromwell Range, Rusholme, with about 8 servants. The family listed as living there are as follows:

Edward O. Schneider  43, Shipping Merchant born in Saxony
Eva S. Schneider 43, born Surden?
Edward O. Schneider 15
Harry Schneider 6
Hermann Schneider 5
Else Schneider 3
Richard Schneider 2
Herbert Schneider

There is a discrepancy between the wife Eva mentioned in the 1881 Census and the mother Harriet mentioned in the baptism, but maybe Edward Oskar senior remarried. In 1871 Census there’s an E. Oskar Scheider aged 33 (born abt 1838) from Saxony living in Rusholm with 3 servants but no family.

In the Corpus Christi Oxford Alumni records there’s a mention of an Edward Oskar (1884-7) b Rusholme, Lancs, 21 Oct 1865, 1st s of Edward
Oskar Schneider, businessman, of Fallowfield, Manchester. Educ Owens Coll, Manchester. B.A. 87  Honours 1—3 classical mods. 86.

I also found the following company while searching for Edward Oskar Schneider:

Schneider and Co.—11 Blackfriars-street, yarn and general commission merchants. Partners — Mr Eduard Schneider sen., (residing at Leipsie) and Mr Eduard Schneider jun. 1st Jan. 1860.

Leipzig is in Saxony, so my guess is that Edward Senior was a cotton merchant who’d come over to Manchester during the Industrial Revolution and handed the business to his son Edward junior sometime before 1891 because by then Edward Junior is living in Manchester on his own according to that census. He marries Florence that year and Muriel is born in around 1895. I’m guessing that Edward Junior’s siblings went back to Germany with their parents because I can’t find them after the 1891 census. Would be interesting to know what happened to them, even though I can’t join the dots to the other Schneiders.

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