James Parkinson & Deborah Salthouse

As mentioned in earlier posts, I have been sent some great profiles about relatives from my mother’s side of the family. I don’t have permission to publish these at the moment so I’m sorry if the information I publish in the meantime is a bit dry. It does, however, help me get my head round the huge amount of material that Steve and Bernadette Robinson have been kindly sending me.

From what I can work out their research into this branch of our common ancestors goes back as far as James Parkinson and  Deborah Salthouse, who are my great great great great grandparents. I’m not sure what James did for a living or when he was born, but he died in Southport on 23rd June 1840, and was buried in St. Mary’s Newhouse Catholic Church in Barton, Preston. Deborah Salthouse was born in 1773 and died on 4th May 1833. They married 30th November 1801 in Preston St John, and had the following children:

Margaret b. 8 Mar 1801, d. 31 Jan 1849
Ann b.1803 d. 16 Nov 1816
John bapt; 22 Oct 1805 at Gt Eccleston, d. in infancy Sept 1807?
John b; 23 Oct 1807, d. 20 Jun 1860
George bapt. 16 Sept 1809, d. in infancy.
George b.; 24 May 1815, d. in infancy.
George bapt. 1 April 1816, d. 1860

There’s an inscription on a gravestone at Newhouse St Mary Barton that reads as follows:

“Four children, sons & daughters of James & Deborah Parkinson who died in their infancy, also Ann their daughter who departed this life Nov; 16th 1815 aged 12 years, also Deborah the wife of James Parkinson and mother of the above children, who departed this life on 4th May 1833 aged 59 years, also the above named James Parkinson, husband and father of the above who departed this life at Southport on 23rd June, 1840 in the 64th year of his age.”

There doesn’t seem to be information of the 4th child who died in infancy though, but there’s also an interesting entry on the Newhouse register for an adult baptism of Deborah in 1821:

Aug. 17, 1821 sub conditione baptizavi Deborah Mariam Parkinson conj: de Plumpton aetatis 39. J.B.Marsh

The Newhouse register also has her burial entry:

1833 Maii 4 Animam Deo redditit Deborah Parkinson o’ibus Eccae sac: munitam aetat: anno 59 ejus corpus in nos: coem: sepelivi 7 Maii. J.B. Marsh

My ancestor is the eldest daughter Margaret who married John Walker a carpenter from Preston, b. 15 Jun 1795, d. 14 Feb 1873:

*Marriage: 11 May 1825 St Anne, Woodplumpton, Lancashire , England
John Walker – 29 Carpenter Bachelor of Preston
Margaret Parkinson – (X), 25 Spinster of Woodplumpton
Witness: Ann Riley; Thos. Fairclough
Married by License by: Henry J Foster Minister
Register: Marriages 1813 – 1837, Page 51, Entry 152
Source: LDS Film 1470949

John Walker & Margaret Parkinson, had the following children:

Anne, b. 12 May 1826, d. 17 Sept 1901
James, b. 12 Sept 1828, 31 Aug 1877
Mary, b. 7 Nov 18430
Margaret Deborah b. 8 Sep 1833, d. 1898
Alice b. 28 Jan 1836, d. 12 Jun 1860 (Good Shephard Nun
John b. 26 Nov 1838
Ellen b. 24 Nov 1840, d. Jun 1867
George Joseph b. 28 Oct 1843, 9 Apr 1904 Preston

There’s quite a lot of information Steve and Bernadette have sent. I can’t remember now if they had more information about John and Margaret Walker. I’ll ask them and add it here in the comments if they know anymore.

Certaintlt, there’s a letter written by the eldest Anne, dated June 26th 1886. I hope to get permission to publish it here or extracts of it. In the meantime, here’s a few bits and pieces from what I’ve been sent so far. Firstly, George Joseph would have been only 4 when his mother Margaret died in 1849 aged only 47. From what I can make out from the family tree I’ve been sent Mary, Alice and Ellen became Good Shepherd Nuns.

It seems that only James and Margaret Deborah married. Margaret Deborah, who was possibly named after her mother and grandmother, married a Thomas Nathaniel Thornton (b. 1835, d. 1912 )in 1859 in Preston, and had the following children: Mary b. 1861; Theresa b. 18637, m. John Ross; Agnes b. 1869, m. Robert Smith 12 Oct 1892, had issue; Thomas b. 1870; Margaret b. 1872; Monica b. 1874; and Ellen b. 1877, d. 1936.

My ancestor is James Walker who married Mary Hannah Smith (see photo here), and I’ve written about the Walkers of Avenham Tower before although some of this might need amending based on what I’ve subsequently been sent by Steve and Bernadette. Anyway, more soon.

4 thoughts on “James Parkinson & Deborah Salthouse

  1. I’ve just found some more information on Ancestry. Deborah Mary Salthouse appears to be daughter of George Salthouse (Birth 1737 in Stalmine, Lancashire) and Ann Eccleston (Birth 1737 in Hambleton, Lancashire, see more below).

    Marriage to George Salthouse
    Marriage: 23 Mar 1761 St James, Stalmine, Lancashire, England George Salthouse – (X), of Pilling Lane Parish of Lancaster Ann Eccleston – (X), of Preesall in the parish of Lancaster Witness: John Clarkson; James Bell Banns Read: 8 Mar, 2nd: 15 Mar,

    George’s parents are Edward Salthouse (Birth 1708 in Stalmine, Lancashire) and Deborah Reeder (Birth 1709 in Cockerham, England). Marriage 30 Jul 1732 Stalmine, Lancashire. See more below.

    Edward’s parents are George Salthouse and Elizabeth Swarbreck (Birth 1681 in Kirkham). Marriage 26 Jan 1701.

    Ann Eccleston: Baptism: 9 Jan 1736 Blessed Virgin Mary, Hambleton, Lancashire, England Ann ye daughter of Richd & Margt Eccleston

    Marriage of Richard Eccleston and Margret Gregson:
    Poulton Le Fylde, Lancashire, England

    Marriage: 8 Dec 1730 St Chad, Poulton le Fylde, Lancashire, England Richard Eccleston – of Hambleton within the Pish. of Kirkham Margret Gregson – of Carlton Notes: Ly. and married Register: Marriages 1713 – 1742, Page 165, Entry 15 Source

    Deborah Reeder is daughter of Thomas Reeder (Birth 1683 in Cockerham, Lancashire) and Jane Bagett (Birth 1686 in Cockerham).

    Thomas Reeder is son of John Reeder and Isabell Gattley (Birth 1655 in Cockerham)

  2. Steve Robinson adds that James Parkinson was a corn merchant with premises on Lord Street, Preston. Nicholas Parkinson, who married Elizabeth Walker (sister of John) went into partnership with him and took over the business on James’ retirement or death.

    He found about this in the Preston Chronicle. There is also a report of a boat belonging to him running aground and a robbery at the premises.

    He had a brother named in the will called Robert who may have been the father of Nicholas.

    1. I am descended from John Parkinson and Ann. My great-great grandfather was Thomas Parkinson who came to the States on the USS Wyoming and settled in Hood county, Texas. He claimed a section of land, started a mill, and fathered about 13 children–one of whom was my great grandfather, Richard Gideon Parkinson. Thomas corresponded some with his mother and sister, Deborah. Deborah apparently had some infirmity or unsightliness. A second sister became a nun. The 3rd sister, Alice, married a Mr. Robinson. Thomas and his wife are buried in the Long Creek Cemetery in Hood County Texas on Temple Hall Highway. I am glad to know some background information on Deborah Salthouse! I believe that Thomas’s father died of complications of alcoholism, and this may have precipitated Thomas’s departure for the US and his conversion to the Methodist church–the only one nearby at the time!

      1. Celia … thanks for getting in touch and that’s a great Lancastrian surname, bit like my Birtwistle ancestors. Steve Robinson is the one who has provided me with all the info on this side on the family, so I’ll try and put him in touch.

        Best and cheers


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