Smiths, Walkers and Psailas


Mary Georgina Walker, Mary Hannah Smith and her mother

As mentioned in my recent From Walkers to Parkinsons post, Steve Robinson and his wife have sent me a treasure trove of information about my ancestors. The photo above includes my great great grandmother Hannah Mary Smith (1829-1905) and her mother. I don’t know much else about her but it’s believed that Hannah was a relative of Sir Robert Peel, her first memory being of sitting on his knee in an open carriage, being driven through cheering crowds in Preston, Lancs. Whether I’ll ever be able to work out the connection is a different matter.

Hannah married James Walker (see Ancestry and the Walkers of Avenham Tower post) and the photo also includes their daughter Mary Georgina Walker (1854-1898) who who married Luigi Psaila (1834-1914). I’ve just been sent an biography of Luigi so I’ll try and get permission to publish it here. In the meantime,  here’s some information about Luigi and Mary Georgina’s children:

Marie b. 10 Aug 1879 Georgetown, d. 28 May 1962 Georgetown

Luigi b. 29 Oct 1880 Georgetown, d. 1939 Birmingham

Agnes b. 22 Nov 1881 Preston, d. 14 Jul 1968 Georgetown

Helena b. 19 Sept 1883, d. 20 Jan 1968 Trinidad

Georgina Mary b. 18 My 1885 Georgetown, d. 31 Jul 1968 Wimbledon

Joseph b. 31 Jul 1887, 17 Feb 1955 Georgetown

Cyril b. 13 Dec 1889 Georgetown, d. 27 Aug 1931 Leigh on sea

Stephen b. 24 May 1891 Georgetown, d. 28 Oct 1978 Barbados

Interestingly, Luigi junior went was educated at the Benedictine Ampleforth College where Mary Georgina’s brothers were also educated. My brothers went to Ampleforth too, as did some of my cousins, my mother’s brothers, and her mother’s brothers. It probably won’t be a surprise to some that they didn’t let me in ;-)

As mentioned in my Walker Pereira De Freitas British. Guiana Connection post, Anges married Guilherme Jaime (Willie) De Freitas (King’s Counsel, of British Guiana). They didn’t have any children. Steve Robinson has sent me a great profile of Agnes and I will see if I can get permission to publish it here.

Helena married John Albert Raleigh on 26th Jan 1905. He was born 1878 in Limerick Ireland and died 22 Apr 1922 in Canada. They had two daughters Helena (b. 9 Mar 1907, d. 13 Jan 1987) and Mary Patricia (b. 28 May 1911, d. 16 Aug 1993 in Auckland, NZ). Mary Patricia married Eric Francis Baron (b. 18 Feb 1902, 9 Jun 1975 d. in Auckland, NZ).

Georgina Mary married John Cunningham (b. 1876 in Newry, Co. Down, d. 29 Dec 1919 in Georgetown). Their daughter Murial (b. 01 Jan 1906 Georgetown, d. 03 Oct 1959 Wimbledon) married John Alexander Heuval, Van Den (b. 6 Nov 1902 Bloomsbury, d. 12 Nov 1960) on 30 Jun 1927 in Hendon.

Joseph married Eunice D’Ornellas (b. 1895 in Georgetown, d. 10 Feb 1983 in Georgetown) in 1916. They had two children, Eileen (b.1920) and ‘Stannie’ born in 1923. Eileen married fist Tony McAndrew in 1943 and Hubert Greathead in 1960.

Cyril married Florence Nightingale (b. British Guina) and their daughter Joan (b. 07 Nov 1916 Georgetown, d. 1996) married Charles Erwood (b. 29 Aug 1917, d, 1995)

Stephen married Phylliss Bellamy (b. 20 Nov 1894, d. 9 Mar 1976) on 25 Sep 1915. They had the following children: Luigi John Stephen (b. 21 Nov 1916 Georgetown, 4 May 1986 Barbados) who married Lurline De Silva; Norman Stephen (b. 7 Aug 1919 Georgetown, 15 Apr 1997 Toronto) who married Virginia Rodriguez (17 Oct 1923 San Jose, Costa Rica, d. 2 Jan 1984 San Jose, Costa Rica) in 14 Sep 1944; Ivan (b. 17 Dec 1919 Georgetown, d. 13 May 1993 Bantry, Ireland) married Maura Barry; Dominic (b. 19 Aug 1922 Georgetown, d. 20 Jan 1941 Ontario); and Stephanie (b. 22 Mar 1935 Georgetown, d. 27 Nov 1995 Toronto) married Jack Marson.

One thought on “Smiths, Walkers and Psailas

  1. Hello, you don’t mention that Eileen Psaila (MacAndrew then Greathead) had two children – Alec and Margaret Jean MacAndrew. Do you know any more Information of Her first husband “Tony”? His real name was John Hayley MacAndrew – Tony was a nickname given him by a cousin.

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