Francis Rose the eminent scientist

As mentioned in my Grandmother Mue’s prayer book post, my mother had originally thought that her great Aunt Lilly (who we now think is Elizabeth Marwood) had married a Bussey, or maybe didn’t, but possibly had a son called Simon Bussy who lived near Mue in Petersfield. There was another clue and that was that the Simon Bussy may have been called Francis Rose. Not sure where that clue came from but David Skidmore and Mike Moir-Bussy have been in touch to confirm that Francis Rose (29 Sept 1921 – 15 July 2006) was the eminent botanist son of Mary Ruth BUSSEY (1866-1966) and Henry Rose who died in 1923.  According to Mike Moir-Bussy, his parents appeared to have married in India. Francis married Pauline Wendy Arnup in 1943, and they had 3 or 4 children.

During all the emails my mother also worked out that Francis’ aunt Dorothy Mary Bussey was the Sister Mary Edmund of the Dominican Convent in Stone, Staffordshire. According to my mother, her sister Annette also studied Domestic Science at the convent in Stone, and my mother also spent two weeks there while her mother went on pilgrimage to Lourdes in 1937. Her ‘cousin’ Dorothy used to visit them occasionally,  but she never quite knew how they were related at the time.


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