Grandmother Mue’s prayer book

Mary Muriel Marwood's Prayer Book

I’m been bed ridden the last few days with some kind of lurg, which has been pretty miserable to say the least. I was just about to go insane with boredom, or at least more insane than some already think I am, when my mum has send me her mother’s (Mue) prayerbook. I admit to have being quite moved seeing how many of us she must have regularly prayed for, as well as the shaky hand in which she had written down the death or her son, my uncle Edmund. I was interesting to see Mue’s Marwood Aunts and Uncle entered in the prayerbook, as follows:

Uncle Tom born 27 Nov 1873, died 19 Jan 1955
Uncle Edward born 11 April 1853, died 10 May 1944?
Auntie Lilly born 13 August 1855,
Auntie Mary born 13 Mar 1851, died 2 Sept 1904 Tapleyville, USA
Auntie Louisa born 27 May 1872, died 4 Nov 1898 Sydenham

My cousin Hamish has the following listed from all the various sources
including my recent work:

Children of Edward Marwood and Mary E McKenna

  1. Mary Jane Marwood
  2. Susan Marwood
  3. Edward Marwood
  4. Elizabeth (Lily) Marwood
  5. Frederick Thomas Marwood
  6. Alfred Wm Marwood

Children of Edward Marwood and Mary Livesey

  1. Thomas H Marwood
  2. Louisa (Maude GL??) Marwood

As mentioned in an earlier post, there’s evidence that Susan died in infancy so that leaves Alfred William and Elizabeth Marwood who appeared in the censuses but not in Mue’s prayer book. I’m guessing for the moment that Alfred William may also have died young.

At the same time, it now seems that Lilly is the same person as Elizabeth and Hamish now shows that as you can see above. My mother had originally thought that her great Aunt Lilly had married a Bussey, or maybe didn’t, but possibly had a son called Simon (Francis Rose) Bussy/Bussey who was a famous scientist. The census returns don’t show a Lilly that fits but they do have an Elizabeth Marwood that does and so I’m guessing that Lily is Elizabeth’s nickname Also there’s other family trees that show Elizabeth marrying a Harry Youngman Bussey (b. 1858 –) and has the following children:

  1. Mary R Bussey b: 1887
  2. Dorothy Mary Bussey b: 1888
  3. Gilbert Bussey b: 1890

I can’t find a scientist called Simon though and it doesn’t look like any of these Bussey children had offspring. I contacted Jim Macey on and he got back to me and explained that George Moir Bussey (the ‘Moir’ is his Scottish mother’s maiden name) was the author of a definitive biography of Napoleon, and later collected from around the world material of folktales and myths, that became his book: Fables. His work was the English equivalent of the Brothers Grimm. He and his sons were the main instigators of the profession: Parliamentary Reporter, which is the forerunner of what we would call a wire service. They would go to parts of England and write about, usually, the political happenings and sell the stories to newspapers all around the British isles and Europe. Dickens worked with them for awhile, until he sold his first serials of his novels.

The oldest boy was Geo. Thomas Moir Bussey. Jim’s cousin Mike Moir
Bussy is charting this line. The next eldest boy was Henry Edward Findlater Bussey and it was son Harry Youngman Bussey, who married Elizabeth/Lilly Marwood. Jim is descended from Isabel Findlater Bussey.

Interestingly, the 1901 Census shows Harry and Elizabeth/Lilly living in Clapham near where I used to live and it lists Harry as a Newspaper Reporter like his father and grandfather. I think Gilbert was also a reported because I found a piece in Blackwoods Magazine from 1921 called From the Congo to Uganda by Gilbert Bussey. He actually died in French Equatorial Africa in 1826.

I can’t, however, find Simon (Francis Rose) Bussy/Bussey who might have been a famous scientist and who lived in possibly lived in Petersfield, or at least that’s what Mue told my mother. Who knows maybe someone will get in touch who knows a bit more.


12 thoughts on “Grandmother Mue’s prayer book

  1. I contacted Mike Moir-Bussy via and he explained that Elizabeth MARWOOD (1855-1935) was the wife of his first cousin, 3x removed, Harry Youngman BUSSEY (1858-1951). As mentioned above, Harry came from a string of renowned journalists of that time – including my own direct ancestors. He has an extensive Bussey tree but there is no Simon BUSSEY in it. The only Simon Bussey he knows was an immigrant to USA in the 1600’s and made a name for themselves. There is a famous French painter, Simon BUSSY (1870-1954) who married one of the famous Lytton STRACHEY clan, Dorothy, and translated all the works of Andre GIDE. Although there were a couple of English Simon BUSSEYs I am unaware of any scientists. A current Simon L. BUSSEY married a Catherine DAVIES at Winchester in may 2003, who may be the Robin Simon L. BUSSEY born december 1984 at Stroud, but this doesn’t seem to fit with Simon Bussey my grandmother thought was a scientist who lived in Petersfield.

  2. “juzzie” graciously told me about this blog.
    I believe “Mue’s” Simon is actually the famous scientist Henry ROSE (1921-2006). He was a botanist [SEE Wikipedia]
    Harry Y BUSSEY and Elizabeth (Lily) MARWOOD had four children 1. a son who died after a few days (date u/k) 2. Dorothy Mary BUSSEY (1888-1966) who became a nun in the Order of Notre Dame 3. Gilbert BUSSEY (1889-1926) who died at Gonkon, Fr. Equatorial Africa, and 4. Mary Ruth BUSSEY (1886-1982) who married Henry ROSE (d. 1923)in India, where he was with the R.A.S.C.
    Mary and Henry had one son, Francis ROSE (the ‘scientist’). He married Pauline Wendy ARNUP in 1943 and had four children.
    Was ‘Simon” a nickname??

    1. Interesting! Mike, if you read this, I have tried to contact you previously elsewhere on the web. My mother’s mother was Barbara Bussy, daughter of George Francis Philip Bussy and grand-daughter of Bernard Fooks Bussy (mentioned elsewhere on this thread). My mother has photos of the family portraits of both of the above. I’m certain that we are related somehow to the Moir Bussys. However, my mother insists that ‘her’ Bussys came over from France during the revolution. I think this is nonsense, although I’ve seen an old bookplate belonging to one of my Bussy ancestors explicitly showing Roger de Rabutin, Comte de Bussy. I reckon this was a bit of romantic invention. Can you shed any light?

      1. Sorry to come in here we are searching the Bussey line as well and Mother told me we were from the French line, I am sure we will be in touch much more our line comes from George Moir Bussey who had a son called Henry Edward Findlater Bussey, who had a daughter called Violet Ellen Bussy who married Edward Joseph Armstrong and had Laurence Victor Blake Armstrong, he had one daughter called Daphne Lewis and I am her son Mark Lewis

  3. I’ve only just seen the question so am not sure if it’s already been answered! But Francis Rose (29 Sept 1921 – 15 July 2006) was the son of Mary Ruth Bussey (1886-1982) and Henry Rose. Francis was a very famous botanist and there is a Francis Rose Reserve at Kew’s place in Sussex (Wakephurst Place)named after him. Francis married Pauline Wendy Arnup and there are 4 children. David Bellamy wrote a very nice obit of Francis in The Guardian 25 July 2006.

      1. I hope it was useful. Thanks for alerting me to Gilbert Bussey’s article – what an amazing piece! I knew he was a Big Game Hunter but didn’t know he’d written about it. I’m glad you’re in touch with Mike M-B and Jim Macey – they know far more than I ever will about the Buss(e)y clan. My mother’s mother was Beatrix Bussy, daughter of Bernard Fooks Bussy.

  4. I believe that George Moir Bussy mentioned is my great great grandfather. I seem to have various documents showing him as a parliamentary reporter and various other links to Bussy’s.
    I would be grateful for any more information on the family tree.

    1. Stuart … as much as I hate to say it, the best place for info on Bussy family tree is on Ancestry (.com or Obviously, you’ll need to subscribe to the service but there are quite a few relatives there with more detailed info than I have and seem quite happy to share what they know. I only have a very tenuous connection to the Bussy famiy, as my grandmother’s aunt Elizabeth/Lilly Marwood married Harry Youngman Bussey who was the son of George Moir Bussy; and my related research was just an attempt to help my mum join some dots from her mother’s prayer book.

      1. Hi Juzzie

        Many thanks for this. I have managed to trace the ancestry back all the way to a Barnaby Hool but the Bussy side is proving more diificult. I saw somewhere once some photographs but can’t remember where. George Moir Bussey had an obit in the Times when he died but I can’t find it if anyone has a copy I would be grateful if I could get a copy of them.

  5. I have just been told of this connection and would like to give a little information here on a Henry Edward Findlater Bussey who was born around 1832ish and his father was George Moir Bussy. Henry married Ellen Chapman Tyas in 1855, this is my G.G.Grandfather. interestingly I need to check in more detail but we had the first female journalist in England which I think was this line. Violet Ellen was the only child that we have found.

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