The O’Callaghans

I’ve been slowly getting my head round, and keep bumping into others researching similar ancestors. For example, I’m in touch with Rob who is helping the granddaughter of Angus Charles Majoribanks Maitland look into her O’Callaghan side of her family.

ACM Maitland married Mary Bridgid O’Callaghan in 1923. They were married by the Bishop of Taum in county Mayo. She was born 1902 Ballina County Mayo and died 1946 buried Prestin Rd cemetery Yeovil. Her parents were Thomas O’Callaghan (d 1927) and Elizabeth Poe, the daughter or Sir William Poe and Mary Cosby of Stradbally Hall. Mary Bridget also had two sisters: Helena (Lena) 1901 to 1984 who married Hugh Waller Langford-Sainsbury; and Barbara (Babs) who married Mr Brunner and had two sons Angus and Basil. Mary also had a brother called Arthur.

Mary Brigid’s great grandmother on maternal side (i.e. Mary Crosby’s mother) was a Brodie.

Mary Brigid’s grandfather (i.e. Thomas O’Callaghan’s father) was called Patrick. His wife was the daughter of de Cagne a Knight of Malta.

Looks like the family are listed in the 1901 and 1911 census of Ireland. Thomas Callaghan is listed as a national school teacher in both census. The children are listed as Margaret, James Arthur and Helena as well as Mary Brigid. Maybe Barbara was also called Margaret. All the dates appear to be similar as does the county.

Rob’s found Hugh Waller Langford-Sainsbury (and I’ve found him listed here), but he can’t find the Brunner family at all. He’s also looked at the Poe family and Cosby family of Stradbally and can’t find Mary Cosby, Sir William Poe and Elizabeth Poe nor a Cosby who married a Brodie. I’ve had a look too and can’t find them either, and wonder if there’s a spelling error of missing link because the Cosby family of Stadbally Hall are pretty well documented on The Peerage. The only Sir William Poe I can find is a Lt.-Col. Sir William Hutchison-Poë, 1st Bt, but he married Mary Adelaide Domville. Anyway, I’ve Cosbys of Stadbelly Hall a line to see if they can help with this mystery or maybe someone will read this and help solve it.


5 thoughts on “The O’Callaghans

  1. Hello my name is Lucy, granddaughter of Angus Maitland I have information that points to Mary Brigid having been born in 1899 in County Laois, where indeed Stradbally happens to be. My son found this so I don’t know if correct or not.
    I’m totally new to all of this so all information is really useful.

  2. Hi Justin- well Ancestry have now put on a load of Irish records and I’ve more information on the Callaghans. They are listed as Callaghan rather than O’Callaghan. I’ve put it on the tree on ancestry but here is the summary. Mary Brigid’s father Thomas Callaghan married Elizabeth Delaney not Elizabeth Poe. Thomas and Elizabeth’s marriage certificate is on ancestry and ties in with everything else so this is correct. Thomas’ parents were Patrick Callaghan and Bridget Cagney which does sort of tie in, although it isn’t de Cagne. I haven’t got any further back on this side but have a lot more on the Delaneys. Elizabeth is the daughter of John Delaney and Margaret Foyle. John is the son of James Delaney and Margaret Dunne. Margaret Foyle is the daughter of James Foyle and Margaret Moore.

    Patrick Callaghan and John Foyle were both farmers.

    By the way Babs is definitely Margaret Callaghan. I have found she married a Henry James Brunner and had two children Angus Rex and Basil Brunner. I cannot find any mention of the Crosby, Cosby or Poe families so far, but will keep looking!
    Best Wishes Robert

      1. Hi – I’ve sent the tree to Lucy but nobody else. If you’d like me to send it on to anyone else please let me know. regards Robert

  3. I mentioned it to Lucy and Charles Daniel and Lucy got back to me to say you’d been in touch. They’re the closest Maitland cousins I’m in touch with that the O’Callaghans would be relevant too.

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