Walker Pereira De Freitas British. Guiana Connection

As mentioned in my recent Guilherme Jaime and Agatha De Freitas post, my mother is trying to find out more about is her Aunt Agatha Psailer (see more here). She’s somehow connected with my mother’s grandmother Mary Agnes (Polly) Walker of Ayneham Towers and married a William de Freitas, Judge, of British Guyana. I’d already found an announcement for the death in 1938 of Guilherme Jaime, dearly beloved husband of Agatha De Freitas, and King’s Counsel, of British Guiana.
Anyway,  Polly had a brother called Stanislaus Walker. I think he is the same person as the Stanislaus Walker, of the British. Guiana Civil Service, who I found listed in the The Guyana / British Guiana Genealogical Society records. Stanislaus married an Eveline Marie Pereira in 1896 at the Catholic Cathedral of Brickdam, Georgetown. She was the only surviving daughter of the late Dr Pereira of the government medical service.

That’s not the direct connection but it does make a possible link with the Catholic Walkers to British Guiana. I’m also pretty certain that Mary Georgina Walker (sister of Mary Agnes and Stanislaus) married a Luigi Psaila (rather than Psailer) in 1878. I found the name Luigi Psaila cropping up in various British Guiana documents on Google.

So I’m making an educated guess that the Agatha who married (William) Guilherme Jaime De Freitas (King’s Counsel, of British Guiana) was the daughter of Luigi Psaila and Mary Georgina Walker. This would make Agatha a first cousin of my grandmother Mue. It’s probably about as far as I can get with this family mystery, not least because it’s getting a bit far from the direct ancestors.


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  1. I do have some information about the Walker family of Avenham Towers, Preston. I am a descendant of the brother (James) of Margaret Parkinson who married John Walker, joiner, father of James Walker who married Mary Hannah Smith,who were the grandparents of Agnes who married Guilherme (Willie) Jose de Freitas.

    I am in touch with a descendant of Luigi Psaila who married Georgina Walker and I will pass on information to him if you wish.

    I do have various pieces of information but it may take me some time to put them all together!

    1. Steve …. thanks for getting in touch, and it would be great to hear more about the walker family when you have a moment and if you could pass on the information to the descendant of Luigi Psaila that would be great. I’ll drop you a line via email.

    2. ican giveyou a lot of info about the psaila family.My grandmother was the sister of agatha Psaila who married uncle willie De freitas,Her name was helena she married john albert raleigh.a veterinary surgeon.The third sister was marie she never married,my mother was dorothy Raleigh and she had two sisters Eileen,who never married and Pat who married eric Baron.My mother wasdorothy raleigh Hares who married claude james Hares

      1. Hi Kathleen, thanks for getting in touch. I was sent a family tree create by Desmond Heuval and I Rembrandt seeing Raleigh family on it. Must have another look.



      2. Iknow that DesmondHeuval wrote a book iam still in touch with himself and his wife and sister Maureen Heuval.The other siblings were Anthony and John ..There is a sister Patricia ,who married Basil Cousins.As child i know that my mum used to talk to me about a muriel birtwhistle.somewhere here i have a family tree,My parents adopted me from Canada and a boy before that called James Edmund Joseph ,The edmund being after sir Edmund Arrowsmith who was supposidly on .the family tree.Please feel free to write to me on my hot mail.i can probably give you lots of info.

  2. Thanks I look forward to hearing from you. Just noticed my mistake – Margaret Parkinson’s brother (my ancestor) was John. They and their brother George were the children of James Parkinson, corn dealer in Preston ,died Southport June 1840, and Deborah Salthouse. I have sent an email to the Psaila descendant.

  3. Hello I’m trying to find my mother’s maternal grandmother’s family lineage her name was Leila Walker From British Guiana…this is going back to late 1800s dont have any clue who her parents were…the only picture we have of her, she was pretty old well into her 90’s…it seems the old folks didn’t share family history to th younger generations…I can’t fathom why not!…Please, I’m hoping to gain some more insight on the Walker’s family line..Thanx!

    1. Aeisha … I’m on holiday so can’t be certain but not sure Leila Walker is a relative. I know that Stanislaw Walker went to British Guiana but don’t think he had any children. The other Walker I know who went there was Mary Georgina who marries a Luigi Psaila so their children were Psailas rather than Walkers. I’ll have a look at ancestor chart when I get back though.

  4. Lol that’s hilarious! I don’t know how many Walkers went to B.Guiana, but I was told my great grandmothers maiden name was Walker …How she got that name is a mystery I’m trying to solve lol…Thanks for the reply, I will stay tuned

  5. I believe that Guilherme Jaime de Freitas is my Father’s Uncle Willie. My Father used to visit him and his wife in Walton on Thames. I can ask him about them if you wish. However, I doubt that he would have details about your aunt’s lineage.

    1. Jaqueline … thanks for your comments. What is your father’s name. He may know my mother Angela Kirby (née Birtwistle).



  6. Dear Justin,
    You will be pleased to know that your Aunt Agatha and my Great Uncle Guilherme Jaime de Freitas (confirmed by my Father, Reginald de Freitas), were akin to Royalty amongst the Portuguese community in BG. Uncle Willy was the highest ranking Portuguese in BG being a KC. He and Aunt Agatha never had any children.
    My Father told me that your Aunt was referred to as ‘The Queen’ and he remembers that he had to be on his very best behaviour when, as a child, he visited their house.
    I realise that the de Freitas family may not be of particular interest to you, but you can rest assured that your Aunt married the eldest son, one of fourteen children, in a wealthy and affluent family in BG. You really have made a very nice Web Site to find out about your ancestry. His Father was from Madeira and I believe his Mother, also Portuguese, was born in BG.
    My Father tells my the ‘Psailar’ is a Portuguese name, but I expect you already know that.

  7. Small correction: Your Aunt Agatha was called ‘The Queen’ by the family. It was not a title used by the community. Thought I should make that clear.

    1. Ihave lots of photos of aunty aggie aunty marie and my granny helena psaila raleigh.also gorgeous pics of their family home waterloo house Some where i also have a photo of uncle willies grave ,He virtually helped my granny to raise her 3 daughters and was like a dad to them.Ihave lots of family photos.My grandfather John Albert Raleigh went off to join the war in Canada,it was never understood why he signed up as a corporal as he was a qualified veterenairy surgery,Iwent to visit his grave in Toronto Canada in2000,Granny had him exhumed and transferred into a catholic cemetery’I also used to visit gerard and daphne De freitas when we travelled to the UK,My fathers name was Claude James Hares also known. as Jimmy.please feel free to contact me.There are no longer any Psailas living in guiana,Normans children live in canada Ivan died in Ireland luigi who married lurline died in Barbadosand stephanie Marson nee psaila died in Oakville canada.Granny raleigh died here in trinidad as did her daughter Eileen known as tinyand my mother dorothy Marie agnes Hares nee raleigh are all buried here in Trinidad,My married name is iKathleen Griffith.please feel free to contact me,my address is 2 hillock place ,Blue Range,Diego Martin Rep of trinidad and Tobago phone 1 868 637 9421 or face book kathygriff

      1. Gerard de Freitas was a dear and lifelong friend of my uncle John Drummond they were at Cambridge together. I’ve just read that his brother Leonard de Freitas died on 14 Feb this year 2016. The announcement mentions that all the eight brothers and sisters are now deceased. I would love to know more about your memories of Gerard and when he died. Presumably Daphne is also deceased. Many thanks, Jacqueline Collier nee Drummond.

      2. Jacqueline, it’s my mother who knew the de Freitas family. I’ll let her know about Leonard and try and put her in touch.


  8. Hello,
    This may be a little out-of-the-blue, but I am currently doing a little research about my family tree, and have found some similarities between your findings and mine.
    I was wondering if you knew if Stanislaus Walker and Eveline Marie had any children together?
    I may be pulling at straws, but my grandfather (b.1926) was also called Stanislaus Walker, and was adopted when he was a baby. All I have is his birth certificate to go off, and have a William Walker named as the father – a possible child of Stanislaus and Eveline?
    I would really appreciate it if you could get back to me – I understand this may be completely irrelevant, but would regret it if I didn’t enquire.
    Kindest regards,

      1. Thank you Justin. You can pm me on Facebook if you prefer – Jacqui Collier (profile picture Scottie Dog at the moment!). Would love to hear more about Gerard if possible. My Uncle called him Gerry.

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