Walkers and subscribing to thegenealogist.co.uk?

Just tried a free trial of the thegenealogist.co.uk. Thought I was actually getting somewhere and that it might be worth subscribing to them. However, I made a handful of searches and ended up having to download 3 scanned documents because the household records were split across two pages and you couldn’t see the whole household in their transcript.

Also the census returns had been badly transcribed so that they had the parents of the household at a different street address. So within a matter of minutes I’d used up my credits. Shame as I was getting some progress and may have finally ended up subscribing to a service now despite all the cross referencing I had to do. Not sure I’ll bother now. Anyway, might have got a step further with the Walkers.

I found the following Walkers  living at 28 Chaddock Street, Preston, Lancashire in the 1861 Census:

Mary Georgina     6     Daughter     Scholar
Walker     Charles W     5     Son     Scholar
Walker     Mary A     4     Daughter
Walker     Alice W     2     Daughter
Worrell     Sarah     17     Servant     (born Barton, Lancashire)

I eventually found a Thomas Walker (31) and Mary Humson Walker (aged 30) and worked out from the original document that they were also living at 28 Chaddock Street rather than the 22 that was listed on the transcript. In fact, I’m amazed they managed to work out that husband was in fact Thomas from the entry although it could be Thos, and also I think it’s a stretch to have got Humson as the second name of the wife from the transcript.

Anyway, if it is Thomas then they have him listed as a builder and some kind of journeyman, but I can’t make out what kind of journeyman from the original document.

The ages of Mary H the mother and Mary A the daughter seem to line up with those in the 1881 Census, as do those of the son Charles. Interesting that there are two daughters called Mary and that father Thomas has similar profession in 1861 census to son Charles in 1881 census. Also interesting about the Alice W Walker, but no mention of Leo and Stanley that my mother thought might be also siblings.


So it’s possible these Walkers from the two censuses are the same family. It’s a possible lead anyway, even if I’m not completely convinced about paying a subscription to thegenealogist.co.uk not least because as far as I’m aware they are supposed to provide household information for free and it’s only full transcripts and original documents they should charge for. Also it seems you get charged credits for different PDF files even though they contain the same information, which seems like they are passing on their bad indexing to the consumer.


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