Uncle Francis at Rockley Manor, Wiltshire


Rockley Manor, Wiltshire

I contacted the editor of the Osmaston family Koi Hai family newsletter to see if they would include the tribute to my great uncle Ernest Francis Fitzherbert Wright (1919–2007), that my brother gave at his funeral. I’d been thinking about him recently as I’d seen a photograph of his wedding in my grandmother’s scrapbook. I also found a photograph of him at Eton, which is a family favourite possibility because it’s one of him at his happiest. I’ve included these below, but the reason for the post is that I noticed in the tibute that he had lived in a succession of wonderful houses at Lytchett, Hale Park and Rockley Manor.

I’ve already added Hale Park to the descent from adam … a tale of downward social mobility map I’ve created on Google. I haven’t quite tracked down Lytchett yet, but have found Rockley Manor already listed on the Google Maps. Would be great to visit it if I’m ever in Wiltshire again.


Ernest Francis Fitzherbert Wright (1919–2007) at Eton


Marriage below of Ernest Francis Fitzherbert WRIGHT to Elizabeth
COLLIER-GREEN (1917-1995), daughter of Edwin C-G OBE
and Constance Curgenven.

Marriage of Uncle Francis and Aunt Betty

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