Guilherme Jaime and Agatha De Freitas

One of the family loose ends my mother is trying to find out more about is her Aunt Agatha Psailer (see more here), who is somehow connected with the Walkers of Avenham Tower and married a William de Freitas, Judge, of British Guyana. Haven’t had much joy and I’m not convinced about spelling og Psailer, but I did find the following announcement on the Home of the Guyana / British Guiana Genealogical Society pages:

London Times 1938 Jul  8: De FREITAS – On July 11, 1938, at Ashley Gate, Walton-on-Thames, Guilherme Jaime, dearly beloved husband of Agatha De Freitas, and King’s Counsel, of British Guiana. Service at Walton Catholic Church at 10 a.m. to-morrow (Wednesday).

I contacted them but sadly they had no further information.


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