Charlotte Rudolphine Louise (von) Beckmann

Fitzherbert Wright 1841-1910

Just found a link for my great great grandmother Charlotte Rudolphine Louise (von) Beckmann on I think my brother my brother has a portrait of her with my great grandfather Ernest FitzHerbert Wright. Charlotte was the wife of FitzHerbert Wright at they lived at The Hayes, Swanwick in Derbyshire, which has been somewhat unsympathetically from an architectureal point of view been converted into a conference centre. They also lived at Yeldersley Hall.

Charlotte’s parents are shown on

Ernst Christoph Friedrich (von) Beckmann, b. 8 Dec 1804, Holzendorf, Sternberg, Mecklenburg-Schwerin

Magdalena Wilhelmine Louise Brockmann, b. 21 Nov 1810, Rostock, Mecklenburg-Schwerin

Charlottte’s siblings are:

Auguste Beckmann, b. 1838
Friedrich Beckmann
, b. 1843

I’m not sure where the ‘von’ comes from because Ernst’s father is shown as Johann Ludwig Beckmann and that’s as far back as they go. Ernst’s mother is shown as Magdalena Johanna Dorothea Zander, but there’s no further ancestors listed.

The Brockman side goes back a bit further with Magdelena’s parents being shown as follows:

Johann Peter Christian Daniel Brockmann

Johanna Sophie Marie Anna Werner, b. 1781, Rostock

Magdelena’s siblings are as follows:

Daniel Heinrich Christoph Brockmann, b. 10 Feb 1800, Rostock

Daniel Christoph Heinrich Brockmann, b. 5 Feb 1802, Rostock

Sophie Dorothea Christine Brockmann, b. 10 Nov 1803, Proseken, Mecklenburg-Schwerin

Ferdinand Johann August Friedrich Brockmann, b. 9 Jul 1806, Rostock

Johann Peter Christian Daniel Brockmann’s parents were:

David Daniel Brockmann, b. 23 Sep 1720, Hanstorf, Mecklenburg-Schwerin

Sophia Lucia Lansemann

David Daniel Brockmann’s parents were:

Hans Brockmann

Sophie Dorthie Dobbert Tappert

There are no more generations so far for Hans Brockmann and Sophie Dorthie Dobbert Tappert found so far.

The parents of Johanna Sophie Marie Anna Werner were:

Johann Christoph Werner

Christina Maria Wegner

There are no more generations so far for Johann Christoph Werner and Christina Maria Wegner found so far.

The parents of Sophia Lucia Lansemann were:

Hinrich Lansmann

Anna Sophia Greck

There are no more generations so far for Hinrich Lansmann and Anna Sophia Greck found so far.


3 thoughts on “Charlotte Rudolphine Louise (von) Beckmann

  1. Any possibility of getting a photograph taken of the protrait of Charlotte with Ernst Fitzherbert Wright? I would love to compare her with Elfriede her sister.


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