Marwood Mystery part 3

Forgive the essay length posts on my Marwood ancestors. They are really just extended notes where I try and get to the bottom of what is actually known and what is just speculation/possibility. I actually only have two sources, including: some research carried out by the Achievements agency; and the work my cousin Hamish has carried out on RootsWeb, which includes input from Alex Marwoord, Bill McKeich and my mother.

As mentioned in my Marwood Mystery part 2 post, I think the only bit I’ve managed to add so far is that my great great grandfather Edward Marwood probably married two women called Mary. Seems like the first was Mary McKenna who probably died in 1869, but we don’t know much about the other except that the 1871 and 1881 census records suggest she was born about 1835 and she seems to have died in 1884 judging by a Will. There seems to be two schools of thought about Edward Marwood’s ancestry. One school basically takes his birth date from the census records as been around 1826 and matches him to an Edward Marwood who married Mary McKenna on the 31st May 1848 in the Roman Catholic church of St Patrick in Manchester.

According to the certificate Edward was a 23 year old bachelor. He worked as a cork cutter and lived at Stanley Street in Bury, which tallies with daughters Mary Jane and and Susan being born in Bury. His father was Andrew Edward Marwoood, a weaver. Mary was a spinster aged 20. She lived at Stonehewer Street in Manchester. Her father was an umbrella manufacturer named Patrick McKenna (click on certificate thumbnail below).

I have to say this is convincing enough for me. Firstly, it’s an Edward Marwood born around 1826/7 who is cork cutter who is son of a weaver. So it’s possible for a cork cutter to be son of a weaver, and even one who moves to Blackburn a few years later and is employing 2 men and an apprentice.

It’s also marriage at a catholic church. He’s also living in Bury and the 1851 Census shows that an Edward Marward (Cork Cutter) and Mary have two daughter who were born in Bury.

1851 Census – Residence: 80 Darwen Street, Blackburn, Lancashire

Edward Marwood, head (of household) (age) 25, (status) married,
(occupation) Cork Cutter, (born) Manchester Lancashire.

Mary E. Marwood, wife, 22, married, Manchester Lancashire

Mary J Marwood, daughter,  unmarried, 2, Bury Lancashire

Susan Marwood, daughter, unmarried, 7 mos , Bury Lancashire

I think there may even by a birth certificate for Mary Jane Marwood that shows she was born at home in Stanley Street. I’ll try and find it as it might be a clincher.

But in the meantime, the Achievements researched i looked at in my previous post mentioned that a short search of General Registration indexes showed that whilst Susan, or Susanna Marwood, at birth was registered in the September quarter of 1850 at Bury. Her death was registered in the December quarter of 1852 in Blackburn. That said there may have been another Edward and Mary Marwood that moved with a daughter the same age and name that had moved from Bury to Blackburn between the same period although somehow I doubt it.

The ages of Edward and Mary in the marriage certificate also match those of
the Edward and Mary in the census. I think it’s now pretty certain that the Edward and Mary(s) Marwoods and their children that have been identified in the 1851,1861, 1871 and 1881 are our ancestors despite the absence of Louisa and Lily on their records. Certainly, they list the other children and these seem to tally with dates we have from other sources.

So I think the question is now is whether the  Edward Marwood (the one who is son of weaver) who married Mary McKenna on the attached marriage certificate is the same person who married a Mary, or possibly two, that we’ve identified on the 19th Century returns.

I think the Stanley Street address in Bury probably makes this a certainty, although this is one thing that is confusing me and that’s my mother mentions that in her mother’s prayer book it has (her) great-grandfather (Edward) Marwood as being born in Manchester October 31 st, 1827. All the other dates seem to line up, but Achievements have the Edward they’ve identified as being baptised on 29th Jan 1826.

Anyway, there’s another theory that suggest there’s a clear line through from the marriage of William Marwood to Mary Phithian at St Helen’s 1768 Jul 09, with Edward a son bpt 1785 Mar 24. You can see the theory at my cousin Hamish’s research on RootsWeb here. It’s quite long, but I can’t join the dots between my great grandfather Frederick Thomas Marwood via his father Edward Marward to these Marwards from Saint Helens. If I get time I’ll go into this in more detail, but I’m not convinced by this theory.

In the meantime, I think I’ve worked out that the Leo Marwood, Charles Marwood and Stanley Marwood my cousin Hamish has listed as being the children of Edward Marwood and (of Ayneham Towers??) Walker(??) are actually the siblings of Mary Agnes Polly (of Ayneham Towers) Walker. (of Ayneham Towers??) Walker(??) is also not the wife of Edward Marwood but the mother Leo, Charles, Stanley Marwood and Mary Agnes Polly.

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