Marwood Mystery part 1

My cousin Hamish has done a lot of work looking into our Marwood ancestors, but there are different theories about the ancestry. The easiest place to start is with my maternal grandmother Mary ‘Murial’ Marwood aka Mue. She was the daughter of Frederick Thomas Marwood and Mary Agnes Polly Walker, and was born 15 NOV 1893 at Pleasington Lodge in Lancashire and died at our home in Fulham on 28 MAY 1988. 

She was one of nine children:

  1. Basil Marwood b: 26 FEB 1886
  2. Cyril Marwood b: 5 MAR 1887
  3. Reginald Steven Marwood b: 2 AUG 1890
  4. Freda Mary Marwood b: 1891
  5. Leo Marwood b: 9 MAY 1896
  6. Mary Angela Marwood b: 8 MAY 1897
  7. Mary Muriel Marwood b: 15 NOV 1893
  8. Mary Freda Marwood b: 10 10 OCT 1891

Cyril Marwood was the only other sibling to marry, although his wife hasn’t been identified yet and his daughter Freda Mary and Angela Mary have only been deduced from his will by research by Alex Marwood (see here). He must have inherited Pleasington Lodge, where according to my mother all his sibling died besides Mue. He also awarded the Military Cross as a Lt. 301st Bty., B.F.A (see London Gazette 1st January 1919). According to my mother all of the other boys fought in the war accept Reginald (see below).

Cyril and Mue’s brother Reginald ‘Steven’ was a Monk at Ampleforth and housemaster of Oswald House from 1926 to 1949 (see obituary Father Stephen Marwood). He was considered a saint by some and died at Pleasington Lodge 14 Dec 1949 while visiting his Cyril who was sick, and was buried at Ampleforth 19 Dec. The Ampleforth records also state that he was from an old established Roman Catholic family from Blackburn. Apparently, there’s a photograph of him aged 11 arriving on 12 September 1901 in a Renault car to start his school life at Ampleforth (The Diary, issue 10, 11 July 202?).

There’s a separate mystery about their mother Mary Agnes ‘Polly’ Walker, which I’ve written about previously here and here. There seems to be some confusion about whether she is a Walker from Avenham Tower or Ayneham Towers. Then again it could have been her mother who was from either of these addresses. She is believed to be a relative of Sir Robert Peel, as her mother’s first memory was sitting on his knee in an open carriage, being driven through cheering crowds in Preston, Lancs. There is Avenham Tower near Preston, but doesn’t seem to have been owned by a Walker. Hamish and I also can’t find a Walker connection with the Peel family having trawled through The Peerage site. I also couldn’t find any connection between Peels and the Threlfall and Booth families who lived at Avenham Tower near Preston.

My mother also thinks that one of the Polly Walker’s brothers was the agent to Lord Sefton; another (possibly Leo) went to Africa either as an explorer, or an ivory-trader, and was murdered there. She also thinks that her mother had a cousin Marjorie who may have been a Walker and married a charming man called Bertie Swanson (or Swanston) and they lived in some style near Morpeth, Northumberland. He had lost a leg in the 1st world war.

Cousin Hamish has Polly Walker being born on 16 FEB 1857 in Manchester. Not sure where this date comes from, but there is a Mary Walker on who was Christened on 1st Nov 1857 at the Catholic Manchester Cathedral. She was the daughter of George and Eleanor Walker . I’m not sure if the 10 month gap between birth and baptism was normal at the time, but perhaps these Walkers can be found on 1861 and 71 Censuses.

I’ll try and add the next installment soon as it’s way more complicated.



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