Osmaston Manor … more photographs

Ostmaston Manor Courtyard

Matthew Beckett who runs the England’s Lost Country Houses site, asked me if I could help source any more photographs of Osmaston Manor, particularly interior ones. I contacted Pippa Wilson who set-up the Osmaston family Koi Hoi (‘who goes there’) newsletter group on Facebook and she uploaded a whole load from her collection. I’m not going to upload them all as it looks like Matthew is going to feature these on his site, but I’ve included a couple below in the meantime as it’s great to get some idea of what it must have been like to have lived there.

3 thoughts on “Osmaston Manor … more photographs

  1. hi i have been serching for old photographs of osmaston park i hear it used to have a hall osmaston hall obvuasley that used to be where ascot drive is now and apparently there was even a watter mill i have found all of 2 photoes in my serch but i would love to see moe pictures can you help

  2. Sally … I don’t really know where you can find old photos of Osmaston Park. You could try Pippa at Osmaston family Koi Hoi group mentioned above. Just click on the link and join the group. They should be able to help.

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