Squarey and Wright Connections

"Family records and pedigrees" by Lavinia M. Squarey

I found this ‘Family records and pedigrees ‘book by Lavinia M. Squarey on Archive.org. The Squareys are cousins and are connected to my Wright cousins. My great aunt Veronica Mary Wright (b. 20th June 1903), married Philip Squarey (b. January 30th 1904) on 5th August 1923. Veronica was the daughter of Ernest FitzHerbert Wright. Philip was the son of Newell William Pitts on The Peerage site, who I think is the same person who’s listed as Newell Pitts. There’s a few other Squarey and related duplicates there, such as Elias Pitts Squarey (Newell’s father) and Elias Pitts Squarey, Agnes Marion Squarey (Newell’s sister) and Agnes Marion Squarey, and Edmond Herbert Thomas (Agnes Marion’s husband) and Edmond Herbert Thomas. Would have made my life a lot easier if there had been a book like this for the Kirbys.


13 thoughts on “Squarey and Wright Connections

  1. The duplicate links above will stop working once they’ve been edited on The Peerage site. So see this post as Work In Progress.

    1. Hi Natasha … thanks for commenting on my blog. I’ve actually met your dad, although sadly it was at (my great and your great great) Uncle Francis’ funeral. I also met your grandmother Iris who came for supper just before she died when I was living in Clapham.

      I’ve sent you a family tree my brother Hugo has put together via email. I’ve also just uploaded a portrait of your great great great grandmother Charlotte Rudolphine Louise (von) Beckmann and your great great grandfather Ernest Fitzherbert Wright here.

      Juzzie aka Justin Kirby

      1. Hi Justin,
        I completely forgot about this blog!
        It is so interesting and I want to do up a family tree – or have you one already?
        Thanks so much – I’m on n_squarey@hotmail.com FYI if it’s easier!

    2. Wow! It’s so weird to find this blog. Veronica Wright and Philip Squarey were my great grandparents on my mother’s side and my sister’s name is Veronica! All these pictures and stories are great. Thanks so much for all your hard work Justin.

      1. Hi Caroline … glad you like the blog. it’s been a labour of love. I’ve met some of your Canadian cousins over the years. Your grandmother June was my father’s cousin. Veronica was his aunt. I’ve a few more relevant photos to add but this might be in a few weeks now as we are moving home.

        Best Justin

  2. Please beware, the book is incorrect in many instances. I have been researching my Squarey family for over 15 years and can prove, with official records that many of Lavinia’s entries are incorrect. Especially in regard to Timothy and Robert Squarey. These are my DIRECT ancestors. I have 2 copies of the book, which were privately published. The one that the LDS church has was my mother’s cousin’s, which was sold at an estate sale after her death.

    1. Beth … thanks for feedback. I haven’t done a huge amount of research into my Squarey cousins. I have met a few though as my great aunt Veronica Mary Wright married Philip Squarey, son of Newell William Pitts Squarey. Do you know any of this branch?

      1. Reading this page for the first time and not very internet savvy. Elias Pitts Squarey was my great grandfather [mothers side] and I am most curious about the Kirby relationship as I have a cousin on my father’s side marriesd to a Kirby – are you the same family?

        Ann Lunn

      2. Ann … thanks for your comment on my blog. My great aunt was Veronica Wright who married Philip Square in 1926. He was the grandson of Elias Pitts Squarey. His father was Newell William Pitts. Philip was deputy headmaster of Sunningdale.

        Veronica Wright’s sister Rosemary was my grandmother and she married Claude Kirby. I’ve managed to trace Kirbys back to my great great great great Grandfather and surprisingly my father and siblings are only surviving Kirbys of this branch. So don’t know any other Kirby relatives and none of us have married a Squarey. Some of my family are in touch with Squarey cousins though, and know about some of the other descendents of Veronica and Philip, including: Pownell, Rigby, Wynn-Jones, Koster, Vathy, Hardy and Smetana families.

        Sorry I can’t be more help.


  3. Hi Justin….I have only just picked up on this blog. I would like to second Beth’s comments about the inaccuracies in Lavinia Squarey’s book. I have a copy inherited by my wife through the Hancock family (Lavinia Hancock married Robert Tucker and was Elias Pitts Squarey’s mother-in-law). The book is fine back to the marriage of Robert Squarey and Agnes pitts, but it then goes very pear-shaped.

  4. I am thrilled to read all comments about these families, how wonderful to be a part of it. Again, Justin, a lot of time has been spent researching on your part. How very generous to share it with me. When I was born, Granny Veronica suggested Selina, for her grandmother{ I hope I have that right}, Veronica for her, Elinor for Grampa Phil’s mother. My daughter has Veronica as her middle name. Interestingly enough, where I live in British Columbia, a Hancock family live just 20 miles over in the next valley. Their ancestor John Hancock{USA Declaration of Independence} Is in our family tree as well. According to Lavinia Squarey’s book. Thank you for this it is so much fun to read.


    1. Glad you’ve enjoyed. It’s finding all the connections that kept me going. Ancestry of your name is a bit complicated. Selina is actually name of Veronica’s great grandmother.

      Veronica’s parents (Lucy Fox and Ernest FitzHerbert Wright) were cousins. Lucy’s mother was Mary Wright, daughter of Francis Wright and Selina FitzHerbert. Lucy’s father Ernest (aka Ernie) was the son of FitzHerbert Wright and Charlotte Rudolphine Louise von Beckman, they are also the grandparents of Fergie’s mother Susan Mary Wright.

      FitzHerbert Wright and Mary Wright were siblings as was Selina Wright who married Sir Francis Fox, who was the brother of Sir Charles ‘Douglas’ Fox who was father of Lucy Fox (Veronica’s mum).

      Probably easier understood this way:

      Our ancestor Francis Wright of Osmaston Manor married Selina FitzHerbert (daughter of Sir Henry FitzHerbert, 3rd Bt. and Agnes Beresford)

      They had 12 children, including:

      – Mary Wright
      – Selina Wright
      – FitzHerbert Wright

      Mary Wright married Sir Charles Douglas Fox (son of Sir Charles Fox and Mary Brookhouse)
      their daughter Lucy married her cousin Ernest FitzHerbert Wright (parents of Veronica)

      Selina Wright married Sir Francis Douglas Fox (son of Sir Charles Fox and Mary Brookhouse, and uncle of Veronica)

      FitzHerbert Wright married Charlotte Rudolphine Louise von Beckman (our ancestors)
      They had 7 children, including:

      Ernest FitzHerbert Wright (our Great grandfather) who married his cousin Lucy Fox (see above)

      Captain Henry FitzHerbert Wright who was father of Fitzherbert Wright who was father of Susan Mary Wright who is Fergie’s mother

      As you can see Wright and Fox families are very interconnected.

      I think this might be a portrait of your namesake because it’s one of a group of paintings by William the Elder Corden of Sir Henry Fitzherbert and family from around 1817. Selina would have been around 11.


      Here’s Veronica’s page on the Peerage site:


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