Wedding of James Astley Birtwistle and Muriel Mary Marwood

Wedding James Birtwistle and Muriel Marwood (1915)

I have been procrastinating with regard to adding information about my Birtwistle ancestors, partly because there”s already so much out there about them. Not only is there ‘The Birtwistle Family, 1200- 1850 AD’ book by William A Birtwistle, but my cousin Hamish has already added a huge amount of information on his Robert Maclaren, died 1826 & Ralph de Birdtwisell 1160 family tree pages; which includes many of the related families, including: Marwood, Mclachlan, Abney-Hasting/Loudoun, Compton, Pritchard, Kirby, Barnewell/Trimleston, Farrel/Preston/Gormanston, Craig, Wall, Sandys, Tsuan, de Cerrini, Gaselee, Shaw, Finlay, etc. 

So there’s been less of a mystery with the Birtwistles, plus there’s also a lot of cousins out there, some of whom think that what I’m doing here is all very non-U. But I thought I’d add this photograph of my maternal grandparents, James Astley Birtwistle (1889-1974) and Mary Muriel Marwood (1893-1988). I have a vague recollection of meeting my gandfather ‘Nebby’ when I was a child, but I’m not sure whether I did or not. He would have been blind by then and separated from my grandmother. I did, however, spend a lot of time with my grandmother ‘Mue’ (pronounced Mew like dew), when I was a child and she came to live with us in London before she died. I’m not sure who the bridesmaid/maid of honour is, but I’m guessing the best man is Nebby’s brother Norman Birtwistle who was a lieutenant in the Hussars, and awarded the Military Cross, and was was subsequently killed in from what I understand was the last cavalry charge during WWI.

[Update: found a blog by one of the cousin’s children about the Great War. Seems like the best man in photograph above was actually my grandmother’s brother Basil Marwood.]

Nebby and Mue spent their honeymoon on the SS Norseman (see below), which was owned by William Birtwistle, a distant cousin who a cotton manufacturers in Great Harwood, Blackburn & Preston. Nebby was also in the cotton business, and was managing Director/part owner of The Grange and Great Harwood Mills of Birtwistle & Fielding & Co Ltd.  Anyway, I’ll more adding more about the Birtwistle family soon.


2 thoughts on “Wedding of James Astley Birtwistle and Muriel Mary Marwood

  1. My mother says bridesmaid is her mother’s sister (and her aunt) Freda.

    She also best man is not Uncle Norman. It could have been one of her father’s other brothers, but more likely one of her mother’s brothers, Gilbert, Basil or Cyril (MC), which is strange given he’s on the groom’s side.

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