Pleasington Lodge

Pleasington Lodge, Pleasington, Blackburn

Just found the estate agent details for Pleasington Lodge in Pleasington near Blackburn, which is on for around a million. This was this was where my maternal grandmother Muriel Mary Marwood was born, and lived until she married. My mother thinks her grandfather may have been the first owner as the children were born in the 1880s and 90s, and the family lived there until the last of the family, her Aunt Freda, died – in the early 60s she thinks. Her Grandfather Fred Marwood founded the Golf Club they mention and they have a picture of him on their site here. My mother spent a lot of time there and she can remember it inside and out, including the garden, the Lourdes grotto and the gas-lit drive. It was sold for peanuts at the time, maybe because it had the railway running alongside it, which isn’t mentioned in the estate agent blurb!


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