John Wright (1758-1840)

John Wright (1758-1840)

John Wright, a Nottingham banker, Francis Beresford, the latter’s father in law and a rich attorney from a gentry family, and William Jessop, a well known civil engineer, partnered with the young surveyor and engineer Benjamin Outram who was the the initiator and sole active managing partner of the Butterley Iron Company from its foundation in 1791 until his untimely death in 1805. They had no part in the management and trusted Outram without suspecting the financial irregularities which he committed and which were revealed after his death. John Wright, who had supplied over one third of the capital remained a partner up to 1830.

John married Elizabeth Beresford, daughter of Francis Marcus Beresford and Fanny Reynolds, on 2 Apr 1791. (Elizabeth Beresford was born in 1762 and died on 17 Apr 1833 in Lenton Hall, Nottinghamshire.)

I wonder of this portrait I found of Miss Elizabeth Beresford by John Hoppner (1758 – 1810) is the same Elizabeth Beresford.


2 thoughts on “John Wright (1758-1840)

  1. Yes, it is the same Elizabeth Beresford. She was sold for some enormous price at Sothebys some years ago. Hoppner painted four daughters of Francis Marcus Beresford of Ashbourne: Elizabeth, Frances, Judith and Selina. Of all FMB’s children (about 12) only Elizabeth (married to John Wright) and Selina (married to the Revd Samuel Martin) had any descendants.

  2. Charles … thanks for the confirmation, and BTW I found Agnes Fox’s scrap book. Amazing amount of material although not sure the connection with most of the people included, including telegrams from Shackleton. I’ll try and add some of these to the blog when I get a chance.

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