James Ogilvy, 4th Earl of Findlater

James Ogilvy, First Earl Of Seafield

I rarely watch television now, if at all, so after the kids have gone to bed I have a few hours to kill if I don’t have a good book to read. So lately I’ve been doing some more research for this blog prompted by a whole host of photos sent to me by my cousin Charles Daniel. I will at some point add a whole load of Birtwistle and Marwood photos from my mother’s collection but the task is a bit daunting as there’s albums of material. Think I have gone about as far back as I can with the Kirbys, but I will add a picture of my great great grandfather soon. There maybe some Wright and Fox relatives I could find and I’ll add these at some point. But right now I’m just going back up the various branches of my Scottish Ancestor tree to see what images I can find that I don’t already have. They are actually fewer and far between than I thought, but I did find a few last night including this one of James Ogilvy, First Earl Of Seafield. He married Anne Dunbar in 1687. She was born circa 1672 and was the daughter of Sir William Dunbar of Durn, 1st Bt. and Janet Brodie.

Lady Elizabeth Ogilvy was the daughter of James Ogilvy and Anne Dunbar, and was born before 6 May 1692. She married Charles Maitland, 6th Earl of Lauderdale, son of John Maitland, 5th Earl of Lauderdale and Lady Margaret Cuninghame, on 15 July 1710. She died on 24 September 1778 at Bath, Somerset, England. As a result of her marriage, Lady Elizabeth Ogilvy was styled as Countess of Lauderdale on 30 August 1710.


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