Closest Scottish Ancestors and Relatives

Scottish Ancestors Chart

I’ve been putting together a Scottish Ancestor Chart of my closest Scottish Ancestors for my mother’s Christmas present. It shows how we are related to both Clan Maitland through my great grandmother Alice Marie (Elsie) Maitland and to the McDonnells of Keppoch through my great great grandmother Christina Mary ‘Theresa’ McDonnell of Keppoch. I’ve also shown how our Ramsay of Barnton ancestors fit as we are descended from both George Ramsay of Barnton and his sister Alison Ramsay who married Sir John Marjoribanks.  A huge chunk of this as been helped by all the photos from my cousin Charles Daniel, but Viscount Maitland kindly provided me with the snippet of the Maitland Pedigree and Lyon and Turnball kindly gave me the copy of the portrait of William Ramsay of Barnton by Sir Henry Raeburn. George Graham has also been a great help with all the detail as I just skim the surface while trying to join the dots.I had mistakenly referred to these ancestors as my closest Scottish relatives, actually it’s the Maclaren siblings as my cousin Simon pointed out. My mother’s sister Annette (Birtwistle) married Ian MacLaren in 1947 (see below). Cousin Hamish’s Robert Maclaren, died 1826 & Ralph de Birdtwisell 1160 files have been a huge help with my own research.

Ian MaClaren and Annettee Birtwistle 1947

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