Maitland family photos

Maitlands & others mid 1890s

I’m uploading a number of photos that my cousin Charles Daniel has sent me. I’m pretty certain that the women on the left is my great great grandmother Christina Mary Theresa Maitland (neé McDonell). I’m not sure who the other women is. I think the girl in foreground is my great grandmother (Elsie) and she’s probably sitting next to her brother (Angus). The boy on sitting on the left is their brother Alick and I think it might be Keith in the middle at the back.

Bogawantalawa Feb 17th 1878

From left, my gt gt gt Uncle Donald McDonell of Keppoch (21st Chief), my gt gt grandfather George Keith Maitland, A McPherson, Appur, my gt gt grandmother Theresa (wife of George Keith and sister of Donald McDonell), Appur, AH Rolland, FA Rolland.


Elsie and Angus Charles Maitland

My great grandmother Elsie (Alice Marie) and her brother Angus Charles Maitland in the photos above and below.


Angus Charles and Elsie Maitland

This time it’s Angus and his sister Christina Clair (Nina) although it could possibly be Elsie:

Angus Charles and Nina (or possibky Elsie) Maitland

This time it’s Angus with his brother Alick (Alexander), although it could be his brother Keith who was Killed In Action in WW1.


Angus Charles and Alick Maitland

Angus is on the left and Elise is standing behind her mother Theresa but not sure who the two on the right are.

Elsie, Angus, their mother Theresa and unknown others

Alick (Alexander McDonell) Maitland is sitting in the middle. My great grandfather George Henry Kirby was also in the Ceylon Planters Rifle Corps, but is not in the photograph below.


Ceylon Planters Rifle Corps 1896

I’m guessing this photo with my great great grandfather George Keith Maitland is from the UK rather than Ceylon. According to from Major Anton Edema of The Sri Lanka Light Infantry (SLLI), this picture was taken at the Urugasmanhandiya training camp judging by the background.


George Keith Maitland in Middle

This photo below is possibly from Queen Victoria’s visit in 1887 to Beaumont College which was Jesuit public school in Old Windsor, Berkshire. My grandfather Claude Kirby went there, and the Twentieth century impressions of Ceylon: its history, people, commerce … by Arnold Wright mentions that A.M. (Alexander McDonell) Maitland, son of George Keith Maitland, was educated at Beaumont so I’m guessing his brothers Keith and Angus were too.

Queen Victoria's visit to Beaumont?

5 thoughts on “Maitland family photos

  1. Hello, I believe Alick Maitland to be my husbands great grandfather. Do you have any other Maitland family information? It would be very nice to find out more about the family.

      1. Hello Justin, that is what I am struggling with. But I do have a photo from the lady who I believe married Alick’s son (Arthur Alick) and the resembalance is remarkable. We do have a letter from the Clan Maitland authorising the family to ware the tartan.

        Thank you for your help, I will keep searching.

        Regards Mary

      2. A great grandfather might appear on the census records for 1901 and 1911, maybe even 1891. I’ve stopped using or but their search engine is pretty good. It’s useful to try and work backwards working out who married whom where and when, where they lived and who their offspring are. I just do a series of searches based on the data. Right now you’ve only mentioned a Arthur Alick Maitland. I found this reference on Google: MAITLAND, Arthur Alick. trading as WINDSOR. PHARMACY, 17, Windsor-road, Uxbridge,. Middlesex. CHEMIST. Court—WINDSOR. It’s from around 1930. Is this same person as the women who sent you the photo married?

      3. They seemed to have two or three shops, one was in Picadilly. I cannot get too much further with Ancestry UK but I haven’t really had time, it was the pictures you loaded that intreagued me because of the resemblance. Thank you for your help. Mary

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