Maitland Theresia Estate in Ceylon

Theresia Estate Bogowantalawa Ceylon

It’s great to be able to finally see the photographs of my great great grandparents estate in Bogowantalawa Ceylon. It was called Theresia after my great great grandmother Christina Mary ‘Theresa’ McDonell. My great great grandfather George Keith Maitland is in the picture above with my great grandmother Elsie (Alice Marie) and her brother Alick (Alexander McDonell).

The estate had it’s own Catholic Chapel:

Catholic Chapel on Theresia Estate 1890

Other views of the Theresia Bungalow in Bogowantalawa from 1890:

Theresia Bungalow Bogowantalawa in 1890
Theresia Estate Bogowantalawa Ceylon

Picture below shows the estate’s Tea Plantation:

Theresia Tea estate 1880's

Here’s a picture of the Theresia plantation tea processing facilities:

Theresia Plantation

I’ve also found the following picture of a tea estate in that’s featured in Twentieth century impressions of Ceylon: its history, people, commerce … by Arnold Wright. It looks very like the bungalow at Theresia and the photographs appear next to entry for A.M. Maitland, son of George Keith Maitland, so I’m guessing it’s the same estate.

Tea Estate Bogowantalawa

13 thoughts on “Maitland Theresia Estate in Ceylon

  1. I just came here after seeing a WordPress address on an email of Justin Kirby who is probably the “Juzzie” responsible for this site? I will return to have a closer look here.

  2. I am back.
    Very interesting although I do not recall ever visiting Theresia.
    N.B.The photograph titled “Theresia Plantation” is actually a photograph of part of the tea factory: in the background is the rolling room and the rollers within. After withering in the lofts the green leaf was “rolled” (twisted, really) and then processed further.
    I am emailing to Justin a copy of the page of Ferguson’s Ceylon Directory 1961 containing the Theresia estate particulars.

  3. Hi there,
    My late husband’s family managed the Theresia estate between 1946 and 1955. His father was Arthur Derek Parsons Adams.Does it still exist?I am off to Sri Lanka at the end of the month and would love to find my husband’s childhood home.
    Kind regaeds,
    Diana Adams

  4. Diana … not sure if Theresia is still there, but if you find it then it would be great to see some photos.

    Best of luck


  5. Oh yes, it is still there. It may,however, be a part of a “Group” now. A “group” being an amalgamation of small estates for ease of management and economy of scale.
    You may find photographs of the Theresia bungalow, in fact, I think there are some,in the album at
    Enjoy your trip.

    1. I am trying to trace an ancestor – Forrest – who was a tea planter in Ceylon around the end of the 1800’s the beginning of the 1900’s. Would anybody be able to help? Horace Carlyle

  6. Hi Theresia Estate still exists My father Tony Hayward was manager on Morar Estate Bogowantalawa which was situated next to Theresia. We visited Theresia about 6 years ago and I am glad to say that the bungalow on Theresia at that time was well maintaned.. We left Morar in 1964 for Australia. I have to say that Bogowantalawa has the best climate anyone can hope for Cheers Damian Hayward

    1. Damian … thanks for this and if I ever get out to Sri Lanka again I’d love to take a look. I wonder who owns it now?

  7. Hello Damian, this is just to say ‘Hello!’ as I knew your father and mother when we were all three in Dickoya ( was it Dimbulla too?) Have they departed this mortal coil?
    Ian (then Gunewardene).

  8. I am trying to trace an ancestor – Forrest – who was a tea planter in Ceylon around the end of the 1800′s the beginning of the 1900′s. Would anybody be able to help? Please contact me on – Horace Carlyle

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