Mary Polly Walker of Ayneham Towers?

Mary Polly Walker of Ayneham Towers

I scanned the following photograph my mother gave my younger sister. I think it’s her grandmother Mary Polly Walker, (b. 16 Feb 1857, d. 4 May 1898 Pleasington, Lancs.), of Ayneham Towers, Preston. Believed to be a relative of Sir Robert Peel, her first memory being of sitting on his knee in an open carriage, being driven through cheering crowds in Preston, Lancs. There doesn’t seem to be much information about the Walker family nor Ayneham Towers that I’ve found through relatives looking into our ancestors or on Google. However, my mother had a DNA test, which established that this female line is the same as “Ötzi The Iceman – found frozen in a glacier in the Alps died 5.300 years ago, possibly of hypothermia, on the Hauslabjoch pass, which cuts over the main Alpine ridge dividing Austria from Italy at 10,500 feet above sea level. He was found 1991.

My mother says Molly is her grandmother married to her grandfather, Frederick Marwood of Pleasington Lodge. She died when my grandmother was seven. She doesn’t know much about the Walkers. One brother was the agent to Lord Sefton, one (possibly Leo) went to Africa either as an explorer, or an ivory-trader, and was murdered there. Her mother had a cousin Marjorie who may have been a Walker, who married a charming man called Bertie Swanson (or Swanston) and they lived in some style near Morpeth, Northumberland. He had lost a leg in the 1st world war. I think there’s also Swanson connection on my dad’s side of the family through his Birley ancestors.

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