Happy New Year and resolutions

Happy New Year 2009

I’ve been designing and producing Christmas, Birthday and other cards for about 5 years now, initially with the help of Glynn Ellis, but more recently with the help of Photoshop, my wife Bridget and kids Beth and Max. Here’s the latest New Year card which was inspired by the recycling of kids TV characters The Wombles – Beth and Max are big fans. Anyway, happy New Year to anyone following me and particularly those that have helped me with my genealogical ‘research’ over the last few years.

There’s a few things I want to try and do this year. Firstly, I want to follow up an email from Jeremy Bird sent via George H. Graham. It seems that the death of my great uncle Capt Roddy George Maitland-Kirby at Whaddon Hall in Buckinghamshire, might not have been as straight forward as we had originally believed (see more here). We’d always thought that he had died in car accident, but he was an officer in the Royal Signal Corp and stationed at Whaddon Hall, which was Station X before Bletchley Park. Would be interesting if his service record or Information request will tell us whether his death was less straight forward though.

I also want to check Jeremy Goldsmith at Goldsmith Geneology down, he’s been looking into the mystery surrounding my great great great grandfather George Goldsmith Kirby and managed to trace his parents for my brother and I. We haven’t heard from him in a while so were wondering how he was doing.

The Stafford Trust also got back to me to say that the National Galleries of Scotland have a portrait of the ‘Children of William Ramsay of Barnton’ which is the only portrait owned by the Trust. It would be great to see this.

I must also try and get the Gedcom file I’ve been creating up to date and would also like to put a little book together of what I have found out so far, but that can wait for now.


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