Finally I’m using Family Tree Maker software

I’ve finally succumbed to using a family tree make software. I’ve chose iFamily for Leopard for no other reason than it works on an Apple Mac. OK it came with a Royal GEDCOM file, and I was able to link into it in a few places, but real reason is that I have so many notes now that I need to get a bit more systematic about how and where I sort them. I’m allergic to subscription sites like because I think family history should be both open and collaborative like the Wikipedia. I’m also not a collector of copies of Birth Certificates and original census records. I looked a Genes Reunited as well and it’s family family tree builder is at least free to use and looked user friendly. It also separates out the buying of copies of ancestral records which doesn’t do. Downside is your family tree is hidden from Google as you have to log in to use it, and their search just isn’t as good as Google at helping me find others researching similar trees because it’s too structured. What I would really like to see is an open and collaborative family tree platform like the Wikipedia, but with the ability to be able to buy related ancestral records. Until that comes along I’m going to just use Google as it’s free and my iFamily for Leopard> software as it works on a mac and is relatively cheap compared to an ongoing subscription. I’ll going with this blog as every now and then someone gets in touch and as mentioned above it the connecting and collaborating I like even if there’s no open platform to it. I’m not going to bother about buying any copies of ancestral records because I think the should be free and in the public domain. However, I may go quiet here, while I enter all the notes I’ve collected.


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