Rev. Robert Dorrien Kirby Update

I’ve been in touch with Father Michael Blain about how the Rev. Robert Dorrien Kirby was killed by cannibals. Father Blain edits The Blain Biographical Directory of Anglican Clergy in the Pacific and has added a terminal note Robert Dorrien entry. He mentions that Bishop Feetham would have noted if Robert Dorrien was there in New Guinea as a priest, or functioning as a priest while employed in government service. So he thinks it is puzzling to see him in the other list as a military or naval chaplain. As he points out once a priest always a priest, but if not licensed at the time of his death, his being ordained is not directly relevant to the biographical account. He also pointed out that his clerical years are fragmentary – so he gets the impression it did not work out well for him. He’s also sent a message to the compiler of the ‘Cable Clergy Index’, for this
has details of all priests who held a licence in the Australian Anglican church. As the CCI presently does not have Kirby, he suspects that he is not in fact within that category.


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