Sir Alexander Charles Ramsay Gibson Maitland, 3rd Bart

Just found another portrait and obituary, this time for my great great great great uncle Sir Alexander Charles Ramsay Gibson Maitland, 3rd Bart. He was the elder brother of my great great great grandfather George Ramsay Maitland.

Sir Alexander Charles Ramsay Gibson Maitland, 3rd Bart

It’d from the Old faces, old places and old stories of Stirling (1898) by William Drysdale, and I’ve included the obituary below:

Sir Alex. R. G. Maitland, Bart., M.R
Died 16th May, 1876.

Sir Alexander, the representative of a junior branch of the Lauderdale family (the first baronet being the son of the Honourable Alexander Maitland, fifth son of the sixth Earl of Lauderdale), was born, in Edinburgh on 7th January, 1820, his father being Mr. Alexander Gibson Maitland, son of the second baronet, and his mother, Susan, eldest daughter of Mr. George Ramsay of Barnton. Educated at Edinburgh Academy and subsequently at Weimar College, he early showed a predilection for military pursuits, and, accordingly, joined the 79th Highlanders, in which regiment he served for several years, holding the rank of lieutenant. In 1848 he succeeded his grandfather in the baronetcy and the estate of Cliftonhall, his father having died while he was a child. The family property was largely increased in 1865, when, on the death, without issue, of his cousin, Mr. Charles Ramsay, Sir Alexander succeeded to the extensive estates of Barnton in Mid-Lothian, and Sauchie in Stirlingshire, assuming the surname of Ramsay before that of Gibson. After leaving the army, the young baronet was enabled to follow his military bent by obtaining a commission in the MidLothian Yeomanry Cavalry, and, subsequently, he became Colonel of the 90th Highland (Borderers (Stirlingshire) Militia, which regiment, with the help of Captain and Adjutant Kenny, he succeeded in making one of the finest in the service. He continued with that regiment till about a year and a half before his death, when he retired in consequence of failing health. Sir Alexander was also for many years connected with the Royal Company of Archers, Her
Majesty’s Body Guard for Scotland, in which honourable corps he latterly held the rank of Brigadier-General.

As a county gentleman he was known as a kind and liberal landlord, and bore his full share in the general business of MidLothian and Stirlingshire, of both which counties he was a Magistrate and Deputy Lieutenant. In matters relating to agriculture he took a warm interest, being an office-bearer of the Highland and Agricultural Society. He was also much interested in educational affairs, and for some time was a member of St. Ninians School Board. Sir Alexander at one time acted as a Director of the Scottish Central Railway, and during the latter years of his life was an ordinary director of the Royal Bank of Scotland. At the general election in 1868 he came forward as a Liberal, to contest the representation of Mid-Lothian against the Earl of Dalkeith, and, after a keen contest, succeeded in securing the seat, which he held till 1874.

Sir Alexander, on 3rd February, 1841, married Thomasina Agnes, daughter of Mr. James Hunt of Pittencrieff, Fife, and at his death, at Cliftonhall, in the 56th year of his age, left two sons and three daughters. He was succeeded by the late Sir James Ramsay Gibson Maitland, who was born in 1848, educated at St. Andrews and Sandhurst, and entered the 4th Dragoon Guards as Cornet in 1867.


4 thoughts on “Sir Alexander Charles Ramsay Gibson Maitland, 3rd Bart

    1. Jens … looks like a splendid piece of work and I’ll make a post about on the blog. I’ve also send an email to the current Maitland Earl to see if he knows any members of Ramsay Gibson Maitland branch of the family.

      Best and cheers


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