Charles William Ramsay Ramsay of Barnton

Just found a picture of Charles William Ramsay Ramsay of Barnton by Robert Pattison, from the Freemason Collection of Portraits of Famous Masons.

Charles William Ramsay Ramsay

Charles was the last of the Ramsays of Barnton, and as the obituary from The Gentleman’s magazine, Volume (220 1866) explains below after his death from an omnibus accident his estates devolved to his cousin Sir Alexander C. Gibson-Maitland 3rd Bt.:

At Barnton House, Midlothian, aged 21, Charles William Ramsay-Ramsay, esq., of Barnton and of Sauchie, Stirlingshire, only son of the late Wm. Ramsay-Ramsay, esq., of Barntonu, who was some time M.P. for Midlothian, by the Hon. Maria, only dau. of James, Tenth Lord Torphichen, and was born at Barnton, in the year 1844. Mr. Ramsay was present at the celebration a few weeks ago of the coming of age of Sir Norman Macdonald Lockhart, of Lee and Carnwath, and was then in his usual health. While returning to Lanark from a ball given by Mr. Monteath, of Carstairs, the driver of the omnibus on which Mr. Ramsay, with other gentlemen, was riding, confused by the darkness of the night, mistook a turn of the road, and drove the omnibus under some trees, a branch of one of which dragged Mr. Ramsay off the vehicle. In falling, Mr. Ramsay’s leg, coming in contact with the iron step of the carriage, sustained a wound below the knee, which was at first disregarded as a mere scratch, but which ultimately ended in erysipelas. The deceased was unmarried, and had only attained his majority in February last. His estates will probably devolve on his cousin, Sir Alexander C. Gibson-Maitland, Bart., of Clifton Hall, Midlothian, whose mother was the eldest dau. of Mr. George Ramsay of Barnton, the grandfather of the deceased.

I know have portraits of all four generations of the male Ramsays of Barnton:

William Ramsay of Barnton
William Ramsay of Barnton 1732-1805
George Ramsay of Barnton
George Ramsay of Barnton
William Ramsay Ramsay of Barnton
William Ramsay Ramsay of Barnton

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