George Ramsay and Agnes Thom

Just received copies from Jana Ramsay Best of Old Parish Registers records for Births & Baptisms of Peter Ramsay (b. 15 Feb 1727) and William Ramsay (b. 2 August 1732), sons of George Ramsay Stabler in the Canongate and his spouse Agnes Thom. She couldn’t find a marriage for George and Agnes, but new entries are always turning up at the GRO as they unearth and scan old documents.

Peter Ramsay OPR Birth & Baptism Record
William Ramsay OPR Birth & Baptism Record

She also sent me the names and dates of births of all the siblings: Peter 1727, Isobell 1729, William 1732, John Ramsay 1733, Christian 1735 and Agnes 1739. There may have been another brother as I’ve found another reference to a George Ramsay Stabler in Canongate from The Commissariot of Edinburgh, Consistorial Processes and Decreets 1658-1800, as follows:

“Process of Adherence – Elizabeth Paterson, later mantua maker in Edinburgh, now in Dundee, and spouse of George Ramsay, staymaker in Canongate, son of the deceased George Ramsay, stabler in Canongate,
against the said George Ramsay, married at Edinburgh 1751XI 15 Apr. 1763”

Funnily enough Robin Kinloch who contacted me about my Valda Mary Kirby and Lt.Col. Alexander Shepstone Godley mystery? post found a connection to William Ramsay the banker. No sure if Robin means William Ramsay Senior (my ancestor) or Junior (nephew of my ancestor, as both were bankers at the same bank. Anyway, one of them was along with Duncan Campbell (London-Scottish merchant and superintendent of the prison hulks on the Thames) an executor of the will of Robin’s direct ancestor, London-Scottish merchant/banker George Farquhar Kinloch (1725-1800). Apparently, GFK was the son of Edinburgh merchant James Farquhar and his wife Catherine Kinloch, taking the latter name to inherit from his grandfather George Kinloch of Kair in Kincardineshire.

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