Dr Robert Hamilton Ramsay

Just found a reference to a (Dr) Robert Hamilton Ramsay, as son of Peter Ramsay, banker, Edinburgh, and his mother, the Hon. Susan Mary Hamilton here. Seems like he died around 1907 at his Duncan House residence in Torquay, and was a well known botanist. Wonder if he married and had offspring. He also seems to have had an older brother called William Ramsay (see here) and I think a sister called Miss Penelope Ramsay (see here):

“Then Miss PENELOPE RAMSAY was called in ; and having been sworn, … You are a daughter, I believe, of the late Peter Ramsay, banker, in Edinburgh ? Yes.”

I’ve found references for Mrs Peter Ramsay having a son in 1821 a daughter in 1823. I’m guessing the daughter is Penelope, but not sure if son is William or Robert Hamilton Ramsay.

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