Re-thinking the Birtwistles – Part 2

Following on from my previous post (Re-thinking the Birtwistles), my cousin Hamish has got in touch to say that from what he can see on Alan Birtwistle’s 2009 CD the Lieutenant Colonel Arthur Birtwistle, DSO is also descended from our (numerous) greats grandparents James Birtwistle, of Stoops (1753-1832) and his wife Betty Eddleston.

We are descended from their son David, as in DavidWilliamAlbertJames Astley

Col (later Brig Gen) Arthur Birtwistle is descended from James and Betty through their son Richard, as in RichardWilliamMicahWilliamArthur

Alan Birtwistle’s CD 2009 also says, “Brigadier General, sucessor to father’s business and creator of John Hawkins at nationwide chain that sold Birtwistle textiles.”

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