William Ramsay of Barnton

William Ramsay of Barnton 1732-1805
William Ramsay of Barnton 1732-1805

I’d noticed that Edinburgh auctioners Lyon & Turnball had sold a painting of my ancestor William Ramsay of Barnton (1732-1805). I dropped them a line to see if I could buy a copy of the catalogue and Elena Ratcheva in their Paintings Department very kindly send me a copy and the above digital version.

I’ve been trying to find out who William’s parents and as mentioned elsewhere had found the following snippet about my Ramsay ancestors via Google Books from Stage-coach to John O’groats‎ by Leslie Gardiner (1961):

“One was William Ramsay of Barnton, whose father, years ago, had made a small fortune out of inns and stabling in Edinburgh’s Canongate and whose brother had more recently cornered a a useful slice of the cornered a useful slice of the stage-coach and mail business on the Dumfries and Carlisle roads.”

Today, I found the post below by Janna Ramsay Best in Ontario on Rootsweb from June 2000. I’ve dropped her a line asking if she has a source for this and hope she gets back to me, but it’s a great lead nonetheless:

“… George Ramsay, Merchant and Stabler in Edinburgh who married Agnes Thom about 1745. They were the parents of the banker, William RAMSAY of Barnton.”

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