A Ramsay snippet – William and Peter’s father?

I found the following snippet about my Ramsay ancestors via Google Books from Stage-coach to John O’groats by Leslie Gardiner (1961):

“One was William Ramsay of Barnton, whose father, years ago, had made a small fortune out of inns and stabling in Edinburgh’s Canongate and whose brother had more recently cornered a a useful slice of the cornered a useful slice of the stage-coach and mail business on the Dumfries and Carlisle roads.”

It highlights a problem I’ve been having with researching the Ramsay family. Put simply I’ve had to try and build up a picture from snippets like this.

If I understand this correctly they are referring to my ancestors William Ramsay of Barnton (Banker) and his brother Peter, the Edinburgh Innkeeper. In which case it seems that William and Peter’s father was also an Innkeeper that had made a small fortune. Sadly, they don’t mention his name. There’s also a problem in that most of these Ramsay are either called William, Peter or George and most of them marry a Hamilton. I’m pretty certain that the William and Peter above were brothers. William had a son called George (Sportsman) who married Jean Hamilton, daughter of Robert Hamilton, 6th of Wishaw and Susan Balfour. George and Jean had a son called William (Politican) who married who married Mary Sandilands, daughter of James Sandilands, 10th Lord Torphichen. Peter (Innkeeper) had a son called William (Banker) Bethia Hamilton also the daughter of Robert Hamilton and Susan Balfour. He had a son called Peter (Banker) married Susan Mary Hamilton, daughter of William Hamilton of Wishaw, 7th Lord Belhaven and Stenton and Penelope Macdonald.

I have to assume that Leslie Gardiner has got her facts straight and is talking about William (Banker) and his brother Peter (Innkeeper). The reason I think this is because other sources say that Peter (Inkeeper) only had an only son called William who was a Banker not an Innkeeper. In which case, I can now assume that the father of the brothers William (Banker) and Peter (Innkeeper) was an Innkeeper. This may mean that my ancestor William Ramsay of Barnton the banker did not marry Janet Mansfield. I’ll need to look into this.


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