SS NORSEMAN built by D & W Henderson Ltd Glasgow


Further to my The Royal Yacht Squadron’s steam yacht Norseman by Antonio de Simone post, I found another picture of the Norseman.

SS NORSEMANbuilt by D & W Henderson Ltd Glasgow,
Yard No 401
Last Name: ALBATROS (1920)
Previous Names: BERNICLE (1917) NORSEMAN (1910) YR ERYR (1910)
Propulsion: Barquentine-rigged, auxiliary screw steam engine
Launched: Thursday, 24/02/1898
Built: 1898
Ship Type: Steam Yacht
Tonnage: 412 grt
Length: 186.5 feet
Breadth: 27.3 feet
Owner History:
S. R. Platt, Manchester
1904 Earl of Lonsdale
1910 Wm.Birtwistle, Swansea
1917 French Navy as patrol vessel
1923 D.Zolezzi, Savona
Status: Destroyed by Fire – 30/05/1941

Remarks: Converted for commercial service prior to 1930, converted to aux. motor schooner in 1939
Exploded and sank at Piraeus after catching fire from another vessel, she was carrying benzene and explosives from Patras for Rhodes
Previous update by Stuart Cameron
From John Ward McQuaid, September 2006. Possibly the same vessel, a Norseman was requisitioned in 1940 for the examination service, renamed Inquisitor 1941, returned 1944.
Previous update by Bruce Allan
Photo supplied by John Ward~McQuaid


3 thoughts on “SS NORSEMAN built by D & W Henderson Ltd Glasgow

  1. Baron Krupp purchased Norseman from Platt’s estate in 1902 and then died himself same year. Laycock then purchased it from Krupp estate possibly Jan 1903.

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