Lieutenant Norman Birtwistle M.C.

Found this article on about my great uncle Norman Birtwistle from Blackburn Weekly Telegraph (19th October, 1918) on the Cotton Town digitisation project. He was my mother’s Uncle, killed in action in WW1 during the last ever cavalry charge.

Great Uncle Norman Birtwistle
Great Uncle Norman Birtwistle

Lieutenant Norman Birtwistle, M.C., 19th Hussars, fifth son of Mr. Albert Birtwistle, J.P., and Mrs. Birtwistle, Springfield, Preston New Road, was killed in action in France on the 8th inst, during a cavalry charge on a German battery. Twenty-one years of age, Lieut. Birtwistle was educated at Cheltenham, and was entering upon a military career at Sandhurst when, over three years ago, he received a commission in the Hussars. About two years ago he was drafted to the Western front. In March last, during the great enemy offensive, he was awarded the Military Cross for gallantry, and shortly afterwards was wounded. He returned to England, and on recovery was sent again to France. This week he was reported missing, but a later notification contained the sad news of his death. Four brothers of the deceased officer are with His Majesty’s Forces. Two are with the R.F.A., one is serving at Salonica with the R.H.A., and the other is in the South Wales Borderers. (Photo. by Sharples, Blackburn). Reported by: Blackburn Weekly Telegraph, 19th October, 1918.

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