Hornby loose ends on The Peerage

I’ve been joining the dots again on The Peerage, this time with the 56 entries on the Hornby Index. I started with the Reverend William Hornby. According to ‘A genealogical and heraldic dictionary of the landed gentry of Great Britain ….’ by Bernard Burke I’ve found the following which connects the Reverand to another Hornby on on The Peerage and my ancestor Richard Birley

I also managed to show via the Wiki here the Reverend Geoffrey Hornby is the father of Admiral Sir Phipps Hornby. I haven’t managed to trace them back to my ancestors but have linked them back to the Dave Birley’s site and beyond.

Basically, Dave Birley has the Rev. Geoffrey HORNBY D.L. above listed in his site, and if you follow the ancestry you end up at Susannah SHERDLEY. Found a reference to a Geoffrey Hornby of Poulton le Fylde (b ca 1684, d 27 Mar 1732), marring a Susannah Sherdley in 1719 in Bispham. It was on a site listing the ancestors of Edward Geoffrey Smith-Stanley, 14th Earl of Derby.

I then found the marriage mentioned as part of an entry on History of the Fylde of Lancashire (1876) by John Porter as follows:

The Hornbys, of Poulton, were descended from Hugh Hornby, of Singleton, who died about 1638,. after having so far impoverished himself during the civil wars . as to be obliged to dispose of his estate at Bankfield, inherited from his sister, and purchased from him by the Harrisons. Geoffrey Hornby, the son of this gentleman, practised very successfully as a solicitor in Preston, and probably was the first to acquire property in Poulton. Edmund Hornby, his eldest son, of Poulton, where he also practised as a solicitor, and Scale Hall, married Dorothy, the daughter of Geoffrey Rishton, of Antley, in Lancashire, Member of Parliament for Preston, and had issue Geoffrey, George, and Anne. George, the second son, went into holy orders, became rector of Whittingham, and subsequently died without surviving offspring. Anne Hornby married Edmund Cole, of Beaumont Cote, near Lancaster ; and Geoffrey Hornby, who inherited the Poulton property, as well as Scale Hall, espoused Susannah, the daughter and heiress of Edward Sherdley, of Kirkham, gentleman, by whom he had issue Edmund and Geoffrey, the latter dying unmarried in 1801. Geoffrey Hornby, who died in 1732, was buried in Poulton church, being succeeded by his son Edmund, who came into the possessions at Poulton and Scale. Edmund Hornby, born in 1728, married Margaret, the daughter of John Winckley, of Brockholes, and had issue one son, Geoffrey, and three daughters. At his decease, in 1766, the estates descended to his only son and heir, Geoffrey, born at Layton Hall in 1750, who, after being High Sheriff of Lancashire in 1774, and for some time colonel of a Lancashire regiment of militia, entered the church and became rector of Winwick. The Rev. Geoffrey Hornby espoused the Hon. Lucy Smith Stanley, daughter of Lord Strange, and sister of the twelfth earl of Derby, and had issue ; but the departure of this representative of the family from the homes of his fathers severed the close connection between the town of Poulton and the name of Hornby, after an existence of about a century.

Still couldn’t link them to my ancestors directly, but did also show that Edmund John Phipps-Hornby VC, CB, CMG (31 December 1857 – 13 December 1947) the son of the Admiral of the Fleet, Geoffrey Thomas Phipps Hornby GCB, and that in turn he was the son of Sir Geoffrey Thomas Phipps Hornby GCB (February 10, 1825 – March 3, 1895), a British Admiral of the Fleet … and that he was son of Admiral Sir Phipps Hornby (see Wki entry here). He was also father of … John James Hornby C.V.O. (18 December 1826 – 2 November 1909) was an English rower, and headmaster of Eton College from 1868 to 1884 (way before my Dad’s time there).

I then showed via Titchfield Families – Hornby Family how a number of other Hornbys listed on The Peerage were descended from William HORNBY (Governor of Bombay between 1771 and 1784), including Anne HORNBY, Thomas Wynn HORNBY, Julia Jane HORNBY, John HORNBY and Jane HORNBY. Think I even found another generation back but couldn’t link them to my ancestors.

The Peerage listed 1st Baronet (William Henry). This seemed to be same person they listed Sir Henry Hornby who married Letitia Grace Browne. Dave Birley’s site also has him listed here and shows how he married Margaret Susannah BIRLEY daughter of Edward BIRLEY and Elizabeth SWAINSON. Edward was son of John BIRLEY and Elizabeth SHEPHERD, and brother to my ancestor Richard Birley who married Alice Hornby. Her brother John Hornby was a partner of Richard Birley and the father of the Sir William Henry HORNBY mentioned on The Peerage.

I think it’s Sir Henry Russell HORNBY J.P. that The Peerage has listed as 2nd Baronet (Henry Russell) he the son of Sir William Henry HORNBY D.L., J.P. and Letitia Grace CLAYTON-BROWNE mentioned above.

William Henry Hornby Junior gets a mention on both the Cotton Town site, as does his father William Henry Hornby Senior. There’s more detail in Burkes’ A genealogical and heraldic dictionary of the Landed Gentry.

The Peerage also lists Charles Herbert Hornby who married Marguerite Ingram. I found a Charles Herbert HORNBY married to a Marguerite INGRAM on Dave Birley’s site.

He is son of Margaret Susannah BIRLEY and William Henry HORNBY MP, JP & DL and therefore brother of Sir William Henry HORNBY D.L., J.P (on The Peerage as Sir William Henry Hornby, 1st Bt). This would make Charles Herbert Hornby uncle of Sir Henry Russell Hornby, 2nd Bt..

There was also Charles Harry St. John Hornby. I found a Charles Harry St.John Hornby married to a Cicely Rachel Emily Barclay buried in some HTML on a file called Ancestors of Susan Mary Hornby. It shows that he was son of Rev. Charles Edward Hornby that I also found on Dave Birley’s site. I traced them back to Hugh Hornby and Margaret Hankinson, who are also parents of my GGGG grandmother Alice Hornby.

That leaves the following Hornby family loose-ends on The Peerage, but think I need to give this research a rest for a while or I’ll go insane … if I haven’t done so already:

Charles Beck
Ronald Thomas Dyson
William Hornby( former Governor of Bombay)
Geoffrey (have traced his ancestors but not back to mine)


9 thoughts on “Hornby loose ends on The Peerage

  1. Hi

    Our family in Australia has connections to Hugh Hornby and Margaret Hankinson mentioned near the end of the above article. This is through their son Thomas and his son Hugh.We traced this as my grandfather’s second name was Cortazzi which is the name of Hugh’s wife Louise Cortazzi. This was misspelt by my father so that my son has Catazzi.

    We think their son Hugh Frederick is my great grandfather but cannot find the names of his children. My grandfather and his brother names were Francis and Richard and emigrated to Australia in the early 1900s. If we could find this link our family tree would be complete.


    david hornby

    1. Hi David … I’ve just done a bit of scouting about and have found that Hugh Frederick HORNBY and Richard Cortazzi HORNBY are mentioned as children of Hugh Hornby and Louise Cortazzi (see here

      There’s a mention of the children of Hugh and Luise in Burkes, which also mentions that Hugh’s sister Marianne married John Cortazzi:

      But I’m guessing the mentioned earlier information came from the 1851 census because I found the following mention (see here):

      In 1851 Hugh and Louise still had five children (aged 13-25) living at home, and the Census records them as employing ten resident servants at Sandown Hall

      It also had the following to say about Hugh Frederick (HF):

      Most celebrated of all, though, was to be Hugh’s eldest son, Hugh Frederick Hornby (‘Fred’ to his friends) who took little interest in
      business affairs but spent a lifetime amassing a collection of rare books, prints and autographs in his house – Sandown Lodge – which was situated only a short distance away from the Hall. When H. F. Hornby died in 1899 he bequeathed this collection to the City, together with the sum of £10,000 to pay for a building to house it in. The result today is the Hornby Library, part of the Central Libraries complex in William Brown Street.

      This seems to suggest that HF didn’t get married or emigrate to Australia. Are you sure your great grandfather isn’t Richard Cortazzi HORNBY? It’s just that I found the following notice from The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : Saturday 3 July 1943):

      HORNBY.-On July 1, Richard J., husband of the late Eleanor Hornby, father of Bon, and elder son of the late Richard Cortazzi Hornby, Sandown Hall, Blackburn, England. Boer War veteran.

      I also found the following on a genealogy forum (see here):

      Eleanor Charlotte Johnston married Richard Catazzi Hornby who was b.c 1839 England? Had two children known Richard Catazzi Hornby b.c.1873 and Francis James Hornby b. 9 OCT 1875 Matlock Bath England. Mother went to Bath for the waters as she was ill during gfather’s birth.Family residence believed to be Hornby Castle Bedale Yorkshire.Either Eleanor Charlotte Or Richard the snr ‘s mother is believed to be Spanish Jewess.

      I think there could be some confusion between between the Richard Cortazzi Hornby who was born in 1839 and the Richard J (Cortazzi/Catazzi) who died in 1943 and who (according to the notice in the Argos) was son of the late Richard Cortazzi Hornby, Sandown Hall, Blackburn, England.

      Can’t believe that Richard senior and junior were both married someone called Eleanor although it is possible. Anyway, seems like the Richard Cortazzi Hornby who was born in 1839 did have two sons and one was called Richard ( b.c.1873 ) and the other Francis James b. 9 OCT 1875 Matlock Bath England.

      Think the bit about the Spanish Jewess is wrong too because from what I’ve read elsewhere the Cortazzi’s were Byzantine Ventians who were driven out by the Turks first to Crete [Kriti] then to Athens [Athinai] and then to Smyrna [Izmir] (see here).

      Can’t find out who Richard Cortazzi Hornby (senior) married though but anecdotally it seems he had sons called Richard and Francis and Richard died in Australia in 1943. So perhaps this Richard J. (Cortazzi/Catazzi) Hornby who was brother to your grandfather Francis (James?).

      If so it seems he had a son called Bon (Cortazzi/Catazzi) Hornby and he may have had offspring.

      At the same time Richard Cortazzi Hornby is the only son of Hugh Hornby and Louise Cortazzi who had the Cortazzi name included at his Christening.

      So perhaps the family tree goes like this

      David Hornby
      >> your father
      >>>> Francis James (Catazzi?) Hornby
      >>>>>> Richard Cortazzi Hornby
      >>>>>>>> Hugh Hornby and Loiuse Cortazzi
      >>>>>>>>>> Thomas Hornby and Cicely LANGTON
      >>>>>>>>>>>> Hugh HORNBY and Margareth HANKINSON
      >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Robert HORNBY and Elizabeth
      … and so on.

      Perhaps later census records show who Richard Cortazzi Hornby married and what his children were called. I’m not signed up to any of the sites that provide that kind of information.

      Fun looking all this up and hope it helps.


      1. There’s a Pat Cooper and Lee Hornby who have been having a discussion on a genealogy site here:

        Message: Hornby Richard Catazzi Victoria AUS
        Posted by: pat cooper (ID *****1890)
        Date: September 02, 2004 at 19:26:59

        Richard Catazzi Hornby b.c. 1837 England. brother of Francis James Hornby both migrated to Australia c1892 with Harold Dowling when their boarding school closed. Sons of Richard Catazzi Hornby b. c1839 and Eleanor Charlotte Johnston.

        … and here:

        Message: Re: Hornby Richard Catazzi Victoria AUS
        Posted by: LEE HORNBY (ID *****6807) Date: December 01, 2007 at 15:10:28
        In Reply to: Hornby Richard Catazzi Victoria AUS by pat cooper of 287

        Hi Pat,
        I have found a record for a Richard Johnson Hornby (b. 1877, d. 1943, father: Richard Cortazzi Hornby, mother: Ellen Johnson).
        Also, Richard Johnston Hornby and Eleanor Mary Cahill had a child, Fran May (b. 1905 Camberwell). I found these in the births/deaths/marraiges records at the State
        Library in Melbourne – I’m not sure if i am related to this line, but hope it is helpful to you anyway! Lee Hornby

        So it looks like there’s records for Richard Cortazzi Hornby and Ellen Johnson, who had a son called Richard Johnston Hornby who married a Eleanor Mary Cahill had a child, Fran May (b. 1905 Camberwell). They may have also had a child called Bon.

        I’ve also I’ve found on the following on Familysearch.org:

        Birth: 09 OCT 1875 Matlock, Derby, England
        Death: 18 JAN 1955


        … and this one from here:

        Birth: 09 OCT 1875
        Christening: 09 MAR 1876 Saint Mary, Cromford, Derby, England


        I also found the following:

        Birth: 31 JUL 1874
        Christening: 30 MAY 1875 Saint Mary, Cromford, Derby, England

        Mother: LEONAR CHARLOTTE

        So seems like Richard Johnstone Hornby and Francis James Hornby are brothers.

        Hope this helps.

    2. John Cortazzi who married Marianne Hornby was the brother of Louisa Cortazzi who married Hugh Hornby. John had Marianne had three children: Madeleine and Helena (mentioned in biographies of Edward Lear, the artist and writer of nonsense verse, who once wanted to marry Helena when they met in Corfu, Greece over several seasons) and Francis who invented an anxle device for steam trains and supervised the railways near Manchester and in India.
      John Cortazzi and Louisa (Cortazzi) Hornby were teh children of Luc Francois (Luca Francesco) Cortazzi, the last Venetia consul of Smyrna (Izmir) who had married Elizabeth Hayes. Their eldest son Frederick Cortazzi took the family of eight or so other children and his motehr Elizabeth to Odessa. There he traded with John and another brother James; Frederick went to London, followed much later by John who was in Liverpool and London. John was once mayor of Odessa.
      Frederick is my great-great-great grandfather in a direct line of descendents in the UK.

      1. Martin … many thanks for the update. The engineering connection make a lot of sense given the Hornby’s involvement in the Industrial Revolution. Best and cheers


  2. Admiral Phipps Hornby’s daughter, Susan Charlotte, married her non-relative Rev William Hornby (1810-99), the grandson of Hugh Hornby and Margaret Hankinson, and the nephew by marriage of Richard Birley. and first cousin of William Henry Hornby (1805 – 84)

  3. What I have found, since my late wife Patricia Rae Cooper (nee Hornby) died on 12th December 2013. Pat was the daughter of Guy Hornby, whose father was Francis James Hornby son of Richard Cortazzie and Eleanor (or Ellen) Charlotte Hornby. Francis was born 9 october 1875 and Christened 9 march 1876. The length between birth and Christening probably comes from Francis being born in India along with his brother Richard Johnston Hornby who was born 31 July 1874 and Christened 30 May 1875..Not sure about this but a possibility. Both brothers Christened at the same Church Saint Mary, Cromford, Derby, England . Eleanor Charlotte or (Ellen ) died In last quarter at Hastings, Sussex, England aged 32, in 1881. To date I have been unable to find a wedding of Richard Cortazzie Hornby and Eleanor (or Ellen ) Johnston, marriage may have been in India, as Richard Cortazzie Hornby was a railway engineer, and may also have been in the British Army or attached to it in some way. In the England and Wales census of 1881, the boys were with their mother at Ore, Sussex and on the census papers Richard Cortazzie Hornby their father was in India, Not long after this Eleanor died in the last quarter of the year 1881. Richard Cortazzi was at Wavertree in Lancashire which was his father Hugh Frederick’s home in the 1891 Census, and he died 26 June 1902 at Llandudno Wales. If any one knows the date and place of the marriage of Richard Cotazzie hornby and Eleanor (or Ellen Johnston I can be contacted on email patngus1@bigpond.com Thanks Gus Cooper

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