The Hornby story

I mentioned to my mother that we had Hornby ancestors from Lancashire and she said her mother knew some of the Hornby family. She didn’t know which ones, but though she went to dancing classes in their house. As mentioned, in the previous The Birley Story post, our great great great great grandmother was Mary Birley. She married Joseph Baxendale and is a Descendants of John Birley of Skippool. Her parents were Richard Birley (1743 – 1743) and Alice Hornby. Many thanks again to Dave Birley as he’s helped me put a quick tree together below of my Hornby ancestors.

Richard Hornby
(c. 1613 – 1660)
and Elizabeth Walmesley
(c. 1615 – ?)
William Hornby
(1656 – 1701)
and Isabel Horscarr
(c. 1660 – ?)
Robert Hornby
(1690 – 1768)
and Elizabeth Sharrock
(1690 – 1724)
Hugh Hornby
(1719 – 1781)
and Margaret Hankinson
(1723 – 1804)
Alice Hornby
(1746 – 1812)
and Richard Birley
(1743 – 1743)

It’s getting late so I’ll go into some more detail in the next post because Dave Birley kindly send a whole load of info over.


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