Family genealogical deadends – The Kirbys and Watts

I’ve made nearly 100 posts so far and think I’m getting to the point where I’m regularly repeating myself and getting distracted by trying to make connections between distant relations on one site with those on another. So I think it’s high time I reconcile where I’ve got to family by family. I’ll start with the Kirbys.

With the help of George Graham of Tulsa and genealogist Jeremy Goldsmith we’ve managed to trace our branch of the Kirby back to a George and Mary Kirby of Charles Street, Holborn. Their son George Goldsmith Kirby is our great great great grandfather and was born in Holborn around 1806. According to the the Gray’s Inn Admission Register, 1521-1889 (London, 1889), George Goldsmith Kirby was admitted as a student in 1 July 1825. He’s registered as the only son of George K., of Kensall Green, Middlesex, gent.

We know little else about George and Mary above. For instance, we don’t know when they were born, when they married or Mary’s maiden name. We know that George Goldsmith Kirby was a conveyancer and banker, and did well financially although possibly not all above board. We also know he married a Harriet Sarah Watts. She was born on 27 January 1804 and was the daughter of Joseph and Hannah Watts, at Stratford, Essex. We know little else about Joseph and Hannah.

So our great great great great grandparents George and Mary Kirby and Joseph and Hannah Watts are as far as we can go back in this direction.


One thought on “Family genealogical deadends – The Kirbys and Watts

  1. I am searching for Kirby-Turner family connections.
    Rev Joseph son of Joseph Turner and Ellen ? Was she
    nee Kirby ?

    Regards , Andrew

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