Family genealogical deadends – Baxendale/Backstondeine

As mentioned in my Alice Baxendale’s Ancestors around this time last year, I’d noticed that Brian Spalding had Lloyd Baxendale had listed my Baxendale ancestors on his Scott – Baxendell genealogy site.

My great great grandfather Alfred Octavius Kirby married Alice Baxendale, the daughter of Lloyd Baxendale and Ellen Turner.

The Times, Monday, Jul 19, 1875: MARRIAGES
On the 15th inst., at St Jame’s Church, Piccadilly, by the Right Rev. the Bishop of Guildford, assisted by the Rev. J. Kirby Turner and the Rev. A. G. Kirby, ALFRED OCTAVIUS KIRBY, of 57 Queen’s Gate, to ALICE, eldest daughter of LLOYD BAXENDALE, Esq., of No. 58 Grosvenor Street.

Lloyd Baxendale was a road transport entrepreneur, whose family had made a fortune through Pickfords. Thanks to Brian Spalding I can trace my great great grandmother Alice through her father Lloyd back to a Hugh Backstondeine (c. 1559) as follows:

                   Hugh Backstondeine (c. 1559)
                   Chorley, Lancashire, England
                   William Backstondine (a. 1580)
                                = Alice Haughton
                 William Backstondine (a. 1603-1689)
                                = Jane
                      Roger Backstendeane (a. 1627-1702) 
                                = Margery
                     Thomas Backstendeane (a. 1664)
                      Josiah Baxendell (a. 1701-1764)
                                = Elizabeth Smethurst
                       Joseph Baxendell (1734-1784)
                                = Mary Beadle
                       Josiah Baxendell (b. 1761)
                                = Mabella Salisbury
                        Joseph Baxendale (1785-1872)
                                = Mary Birley
                      Lloyd Baxendale (1822-1883)
                                  = Ellen Turner
                          Alice Baxendale
                                = Alfred Octavius Kirby

This provides some other potential family avenues to follow-up including the Haughtons, Smethursts, Beadles, Salisburys, Birleys and Turners. I know a little about the Turners, but I’m interested to see that I have Haughton and Birley ancestors from Lancashire. My mother’s family are also from Lancashire and they had both Haughton and Birley family friends. I wonder if they are related.


5 thoughts on “Family genealogical deadends – Baxendale/Backstondeine

  1. I was looking at the life of Henry William Schneider 1817-1887 industrialist. His second marriage was to Elizabeth Turner. It seems she was one of four daughters to Joseph Turner the vicar of Lancaster. Elizabeth’s sister, Ellen married Lloyd Baxendale. As Henry Schneider died in 1887 I wondered what happened to his wife Elizabeth but can find no trace. In searching for Lloyd Baxendale I came across this site,
    Steve Pick
    Richardson TX
    ex Barrow-in-Furness

    1. Steve … hope you found site useful. Not really sure what happened to Elizabeth Turner. Henry William Schneider’s son John Henry Augustus (from his first wife Augusta Smith) married Mary Elizabeth Crofton. Their daughter Olive Crofton married Gen. Sir Horace Lockwood Smith-Dorrien. Sir Horace was the brother of Edith Smith-Dorrien who married Rev. Augustus George Kirby. Augustus George was the brother of my great great grandfather Alfred Octavius who married Alice Baxendale, who was daughter of Ellen Turner, and the niece of Elizabeth Turner. Alice was therefore also the cousin of Beatrice Elizabeth Schneider (daughter of Henry William Schneider and Elizabeth Turner), and Alfred Octavius married Beatrice after the death of Alice.

      Ellen and Elizabeth’s brother was Joseph Kirby Turner. It’s possible that their mother was Ellen Kirby, and she might be the key to the mystery of our Kirby ancestors. But I have never managed to work out whether this is just coincidence or not.

      I just scratched the surface of the web of these families, but I’m sure there are more connections to be found.


      1. Hi Justin,
        Will return to this later. Currently I am looking at the Richards family. Augusta Richards married Henry Schneider. The only reason I am following this tree is the connection of Henry Schneider to Barrow-in-Furness, the town where I grew up 70 odd years ago. I have zero connection to any of these people but was interested in the tree when I first saw Henry was married to a lady from Urswick, which is a village a few miles from Barrow. My tree is at but doesn’t seem as well laid out as yours. Thanks for your prompt reply. Steve

      2. Ohps, a Senior moment at the start of the morning. I should have said the Smith family not Richards. It was Augusta Smith the daughter of Richard Smith from IOM

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