… and joining dots between The Peerage and Royal Bloodline

I did a search for Joseph Kirby Turner on Google and found him mentioned on the Royal Ancestry File site through his wife Theresa Caroline Browne. She also listed on The Peerage here. I think I can join the dost between the Royal Ancestry File and The Peerage, as follows:

Firstly, I’m guessing that the John Browne + Alicia Caulfeild listed on the Royal Ancestry File site is the John Browne, 1st Baron Kilmaine and Hon. Alice Caulfeild listed on The Peerage here.

The reason for the guess is that the Royal Ancestry File site shows John Browne + Alicia Caulfeild as having 3 children and two of them match-up with names and dates on The Peerage:

Royal Ancestry File:
John Browne 28 Aug 1770 – 8 Feb 1855
James Caulfeild Browne 16 Mar 1765 – ?

The Peerage

Children of John Browne, 1st Baron Kilmaine and Hon. Alice Caulfeild

James Caulfeild Browne, 2nd Baron Kilmaine+ b. 16 Mar 1765, d. 23 May 1825
Colonel Hon. John Browne b. 28 Aug 1770, d. 8 Feb 1855

However, the Royal Ancestry File shows that John Browne + Alicia Caulfeild had another child:

George Browne (2 Mar 1774 – 26 Nov 1804) he married Mary Colston

James Caulfeild Browne (6 Jun 1804 – 11 Mar 1870) is listed as their Child and he marries Isabella Mello.

They have several Children listed here:

Theresa Caroline Browne 16 Feb 1842 – 19 May 1932
Alice Louisa Nona Browne 21 Nov 1845 – ?
Ada Charlotte Browne 29 Apr 1840
Mary Anne Browne 31 Jan 1836 – 6 Apr 1928
Magens James Caulfeild Browne 1 Dec 1837 – 31 Dec 1866
John George Cotton Browne 1 Apr 1834 – 28 Sep 1903
Harriet Browne 16 Jul 1829 – 4 Feb 1901
Fanny Georgiana Charlotte Browne 27 Nov 1830 – 22 Apr 1904
Emily Jane Browne 21 Mar 1828 – ?
Ellen Browne 18 Sep 1826 – ?
Isabella Eliza Catherine Browne 3 Sep 1833 – 30 Jan 1908
William James Caulfeild Browne 8 Jan 1825 – 2 Nov 1893

Theresa Caroline Brown marries Joseph Kirby Turner and as mentioned above they are listed on The Peerage:

The Times, Friday, Nov 29, 1867 – MARRIAGES
On Tuesday, the 26th inst., at the parish church, Dudley, by the Rev. Canon Turner, M.A., vicar of Lancaster, assisted by the Rev. J. G. C. Browne, M.A., incumbant of St. James’s, Dudley, and the Rev. G. Y. Osborne, M.A., vicar of Fleetwold, the Rev. Josh. Kirby Turner, M.A., vicar of Stalmine, Lancasire, to Theresa Caroline, eighth daughter of the Rev. Dr. Browne, vicar of Dudley. No Cards.

I also found the following on Stirnet.com, which confirms the 3 children of John Browne, 7th Bart, 1st Lord Kilmaine (b 1730, d 1794) and Alicia Caulfeild as follows:

(i) James Caulfeid Browne, 2nd Lord Kilmaine (b 16.03.1765, d 23.05.1825)
m. (25.07.1793) Anne Cavendish (b 22.03.1774, d 06.07.1863, dau of Sir Henry Cavendish, Bart of Doveridge Hall)
(ii) John Browne (b 28.08.1770, Lt. Colonel) had issue
m. (20.09.1797) Anne White (d 23.04.1851, dau of John White of Jamaica)
(iii) George Browne (b 02.03.1774, d 26.11.1804) had issue
m. (12.10.1801) Mary Colston (d 15.07.1830, dau of Rev. Alexander Colston of Filkins Hall)


One thought on “… and joining dots between The Peerage and Royal Bloodline

  1. Are you connected to Kirby-Turner via Browne ?

    my wife , Sharon is a gt gt g’daughter of Rev. Joseph

    and Theresa Caroline nee Browne. have some info

    on connections between Browne & Blake of Menlough.

    Sharons first cousin is the present Bt.of Menlough

    & her mother is nee Blake.

    Regards , Andrew

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