Kirby-Turners Revisited?

George Graham has kindly added a page on his site for Joseph Kirby Turner, who was the son of my great great great great grandfather Joseph and Ellen Turner of Frodsham, Cheshire. Joseph was the Hon. Canon of Manchester and I wondering whether his wife Ellen was a Kirby and that’s why his son was named Joseph Kirbyy.

Joseph and Ellen’s daughter was also called Ellen and she married Lloyd Baxendale. His family made their fortune from the Pickfords removals firm. Their daughter Alice is my great great grandmother and she married Alfred Octavius Kirby. When Alice died Alfred Octavius also married Alice’s cousin Beatrice (Scheider). Her mother Elizabeth was also the daughter of Joseph and Ellen Turner. Joseph Kirby Turner was an Anglican Vicar and he assisted at the wedding of my great great grandparents Alfred Octavius and Alice’s wedding.

The Lancashire OnLine Parish Clerk Project shows that Joseph Kirby Turner and his wife Theresa Caroline (Browne) had a son called Lloyd Caulfield Kirby Turner (16 Jul 1872). He married Married Mildred Margaret Chamberlain. Lloyd is mentioned on the site of ‘award-winning travel writer, historian and author’ Turtle Bunbury. It mentions that Patricia Honora Blake was born on 2nd June 1919, and married secondly, on 8th June 1957, to Joseph Gerald Caulfield Kirby-Turner of Innisnag House, Stoneyford, Co. Kilkenny. It says his father was Lloyd Caulfield Kirby Turner. Turtle Bunbury’s site also mentions that Patricia and Joseph had two daughters. The eldest, Belinda Shiralee Anne, was born on 29th January 1959 and married in 1990 to Jehanbaz Ali Khan. The younger sister, Sharon Briar Rose, was born on 29th December 1960 and married in 1987 to David Andrew Wallace, second son of Bruce Wallace, of Fruitlawn, Abbevleix, Co Laois. David and Sharon have a son, Timothy Caulfeild Daniel (b 1991) and daughter, Victoria Kirby (b 1989).

I wonder if these ‘cousins’ have any idea about where the Kirby part of their name comes from. It would be fascinating to hear from them.


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