Helping join more dots on The Peerage

Poor Darryl at The Peerage site. I’ve inundated him with emails that connect up genealogical dead-ends on his site that I’ve been looking into. The latest I’ve sent him links Lloyd Caulfeild Kirby-Turner with Joseph Turner, but there’s been quite a few other emails recently.

The email I send before linked Elizabeth Turner to her sister and my great great great great grandmother Ellen Turner. Before that I linked Charles Aloysius Barnewall, 18th Baron Trimlestown via his daughter and my aunt Diana (Barnewall) to my mother via her brother Anthony (Gerard Astley) Birtwistle. Poor Darryl got the rest of my mum’s sibling thrown in.

I’d also shown how my great great grandfather Alfred Octavius Kirby was linked to Olive Croton Schneider not only by his second marriage to her aunt Beatrice Elizabeth Schneider, but also through Olive’s marriage to General Sir Horace Lockwood Smith-Dorrien. He was the brother of Edith Smith-Dorrien who married Reverend Augustus George Kirby, the brother of Alfred Octavius mentioned above. Think this included a pretty detailed account of the Schneider family thrown in.

Last time, I’d been in touch was back in February when I linked up Lt-Col. Alexander (Sandy) Shepstone Godley via his wife and my great aunt Zara Valda Mari Kirby to John Arthur Godley, 1st Baron Kilbracken with a whole load of generations in between, although I had a lot of help from Simon Godley.

Guess there will more dots to join soon.


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