Christening of Derek Bird

Forgot to mention that while looking into the Godley connection with Sandy (Alexander Shepstone) Goldey’s son Simon, I was sent the photo below by Derek Bird of his Christening in 1939. My great aunt Valda was married to Sandy Godley. I pretty certain one or both of them were Derek’s Godparents. Valda died in a POW camp in the Far East in the last war. Derek and his mother were also interned but managed to survive as did Sandy who managed to escape from Singapore.

Chistening of Derek Bird 29/8/39
Christening of Derek Bird 29/8/39

Valda is second from right in the front row. Funnily enough Derek is married to the daughter of my sister’s Godmother, Flavia Nunes. I’m pretty certain that her father and my grandfather were good friends. Derek is also introduced us to Christopher Godley, the current Baron Kilbracken. Between us we managed to show that both Godley families were descended from John Godley (1775 – 1863), Deputy Lieutenant of County Leitrim, Ireland.

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