More loose ends on The Peerage and Schneider mystery

I’ve been liaising with Darryl again at The Peerage site. He’s now shown how my great great grandfather Alfred Octavius Kirby also married Beatrice Elizabeth Schneider, and she was the aunt of Olive Crofton Schneider who married General Sir Horace Lockwood Smith-Dorrien. He was the brother of Edith Smith-Dorrien. She married Reverend Augustus George Kirby, who was the brother of my great great grandfather Alfred Octavius Kirby. If that’s not complicated enough, there may also be another Scheider connection.

The peerage site mention Charles Aloysius Barnewall, 18th Baron Trimlestown. He’s the grandfather of my Aunt Diana. Her father was Charles Aloysius Barnewall, 19th Baron Trimlestown (1899–1990). Her brother was Anthony Edward Barnewall, 20th Baron Trimlestown (1928–1997). He remember he used to come and stay with us in the 70s, when we lived on the South Coast.

Interestingly, my Aunt Diana’s mother was Muriel SCHNEIDER. Her father was Edgar Oskar SCHNEIDER who was apparently born in Mansfield Lodge, Whalley Range, Manchester.

I wonder if my aunt is related to the Schneiders above?

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