Margaret Oldenburg and the continental connections

I’ve shown previously how I seem to be descended from Henry VII of England via my Maitland ancestors (see Descendant of King Henry VII: blue blood?). The link is through Robert Stewart, 1st Earl of Orkney, who was the natural son of James V, King of Scots, and his mistress Eupheme Elphinstone. James V was the grandson of Henry VII of England through his mother Margaret Tudor. His father was James IV, King of Scots, and I also seem to descended from him via the Maitlands again although this time through his daughter Catherine Stewart by his mistress Marion Boyd.

James V’s mother was Margaret of Denmark (23 June 1456 – before 14 July 1486) , the daughter of King Christian I of Denmark (1448-1481), Norway (1450-1481), and Sweden (1457-1464), and his wife Dorothea of Brandenburg. She’s significant in my research not just because her father was King of Denmark, Norway and Sweden, but also because she seems to be the first relative that I’ve found that really opens the door to the relatives on the continent.

Margaret of Denmark
Margaret of Denmark

Actually, my great great grandmother Charlotte von Beckman is the first continental relative I’ve found, but I haven’t managed to get any further than her grandfather Johann Ludwig Beckmann, a pastor from Westenbrügge (see Beresfords, Fitzherberts, Foxs, and Wrights – The Derbyshire connection).

Before looking into my continental relatives I thought I’d just link the Catherine Stewart mentioned above back to the Maitlands. She married James Douglas, 3rd Earl of Morton, son of John Douglas, 2nd Earl of Morton and Janet Crichton. She died after 1554.

Their daughter Lady Margaret Douglas was born circa 1510. She married James Hamilton, 2nd Earl of Arran, son of James Hamilton, 1st Earl of Arran and Janet Bethune, before 23 September 1532. She died after 24 May 1579. James Hamilton was the first cousin of King James IV, through his mother Princess Mary Stewart, Princess of Scotland (daughter of King James II of Scotland and his Queen consort Mary of Guelders, and was a sister of King James III of Scotland).

Mary of Guelders
Mary of Guelders

Mary of Guelders gives me another link through to the continental relatives, but on to Lady Barbara Hamilton who was the daughter of James Hamilton, 2nd Earl of Arran and Lady Margaret Douglas mentioned above. Her second marriage was to James Fleming, 4th Lord Fleming before 23 December 1553.

Their daughter Jean Fleming was born circa 1554. She married, firstly, John Maitland, 1st Lord Maitland of Thirlestane, son of Sir Richard Maitland, Lord Lethington and Mary Cranston, circa 16 January 1582/83.

John Maitland of Lethington
John Maitland of Lethington

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