Brighton Calling – a descentfromadam update

Sorry for nearly two months of silence but am now settled down in Brighton with my family, and even closer to my younger sister and her family. There’s been quite a lot going on recently and here’s a quick update. Firstly, Simon Godley who I mentioned in the previous post (Simon Godley – son of Lt Col Sandy Godley) got back in touch and we’ve been trying to help each other out filling in the gaps of our respective mysteries. More on this soon.

I’ve also been contacted by Chris Whelan in Australia. His grandmother was Margaret Ann Macdonell, who was second cousin once removed from my great great grandmother Christine Mary Theresa Macdonell of Keppoch. I’ll be showing our common ancestry soon and hope to be sharing some family history from Chris as well.

My brother commissioned some more research from Jeremy Goldsmith and he came back with a fantastic report on the descendants of our great great great uncle Arthur Raymond Kirby. Sadly, there are no surviving descendants, so as yet we’ve failed to find any other branches of living Kirby relatives that are also descended from George Goldsmith Kirby. If I get time I’ll write up the report as there was some interesting stuff not least being one of Arthur Raymond’s offspring winning a gold medal in the 1912 Olympics.

My brother also had some feedback about the Kirby male DNA, which proves that we come from the dominant Cro Magnon man line of descent along with several million others. Think I was more interested to find out our mother’s mitocondrial DNA came from “Diana the Huntress” and that’s the same line that that poor chap who was found frozen in the Gottard Pass came from.

Also there was a family gathering for the launch of my aunt Iris’ book of poems, which was edited by my mother. My aunt died in 2006 and hated being called Iris, so was referred to as either I M Birtwistle or simply IMB, although family and friends called her Lila. My mother has sent me one of Lila’s poems and a copy of the cover of her book, so I’ll write a post about this soon.

My mother as also release a book of her poetry and I’ll share a poem from that too shortly. In the meantime, here’s an interesting article from the Catholic Herald about her (‘I love ritual, incense and Latin’) by Peter Stanford.

Lastly, my cousin Simon MacLaren has set-up a Facebook group called the Descendants of Muriel Mary Marwood or Birtwistle 1893 1988. Muriel or ‘Muw’ was my mother’s mother and there’s over 100 descendants, although sadly not all still with us.


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