George Henry Kirby re-married in 1951

I’ve heard back from the Librarian Reference Services at the National Library of New Zealand regarding George Henry Kirby and he first appears in the Wellington Electoral Roll in 1943 as a Civil Servant living in 8 Levy Street. In 1946, 1949/51 and 1954 the records show him as retired and living round the corner in 57 Courtenay Place., but by 1957 he seems to be living in 148 Taranaki Street with a Miriam Lavinia Kirby.
It appears he married Miriam Lavinia Bowker in 1951 (folio 05915), a year after the death of his first wife (Elsie Maitland). Miriam had previously married Walter William Bowker in 1924 (folio 3443) and as Miriam Lavinia Greenwood had married Benjamin Percy Lawn in 1908 (folio 4640). She had divorced Walter Bowker in 1929, and Benjamin Lawn married again in 1923. Miriam Lavinia Kirby died in Auckland in 1966. I wonder if she has any relatives or children or if there are any photos of her and George together.


4 thoughts on “George Henry Kirby re-married in 1951

  1. Miriam Lavinia Kirby (nee Greenwood) was my great aunt. She married George when they were obviously both getting on in years. Hopefully the 9 years they were together were happy ones. I don’t think Miriam had any children of her own, unfortunately.

    1. Thanks for getting in touch, and funnily enough I’ve actually been Wellington although it was before I know George had lived there. I wonder if any other relatives have a photos of them.

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