Seekers of Truth by T. A. Lee: another day another deadend

I had noticed that a George Ramsay was mentioned as one of the founders of the Society of Accountants in Edinburgh (SAE) in T.A. Lee’s book Seekers of Truth about the foundation of institutionalised public accountancy in the English-speaking world (see here). I was intrigued because it mentioned that George Ramsay was cousin to fellow SAE Founder Roger Spottiswoode. However, I’m not sure this George Ramsay is my ancestor.

I thought I was onto something because the book mentions that , married Susan Ramsay, and suggested that she was the sister of SAE founder George Ramsay above. I’m not sure this can be right as there’s a whole load of sources saying that the Susan Ramsay who married Sir Alexander was the eldest daughter of George Ramsay, Esq. of Barnton, and the (Hon.) Jean Hamilton. It’s a shame because it mentioned that the George Ramsay who founded the SAE, was the son of Thomas Ramsay, a landed gentleman in Perthshire and Edinburgh, and Marjory Maxtone, of the landowning Maxtone family at Cultoquhey in Perthshire (see here). Maybe there’s a connection between the George Ramsay mentioned in Seekers of Truth book and my ancestor. Then again it my be another red herring.


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