My Marjoribanks Ancestors

Having only just realised that I’m descended from the Marjoribanks family (see here), I’d thought I’d take a look at this branch of my ancestry. According to the entry on the wiki about the Origins of the Clan, Princess Marjorie was the only daughter of King Robert the Bruce. She married Walter Stewart, High Steward of Scotland, in 1316. She was thus the mother of the first of the royal Stewarts, and received as part of her marriage settlement lands in Renfrewshire which became known as Terre de Marjorie, later Marjoribanks (pronounced ‘Marchbanks’). I’m still not sure how the Robert Marjoribanks of that ilk that I found on the site is connected, but that’s as far back as I’ve got so far.

There’s a whole load more information on The Marjoribanks Family site and over on Electric Scotland here. When I get a chance I try and revisit some of the interesting characters and their homes. In the meantime, I’ve found a Portrait Of Sir John Marjoribanks (1763-1833) being sold. Not sure Sir John is a close enough relative for me to be in the market, but it’s interesting to compare this portrait to the caricature of my ancestor I posted about here.

Portrait Of Sir John Marjoribanks (1763-1833)
Portrait Of Sir John Marjoribanks (1763-1833)

Here’s the family tree I’ve managed to put together so far, but would be great to show the link to Robert The Bruce:

Robert Marjoribanks of that ilk
Thomas Marjoribanks of that ilk and of Ratho
Provost of Edinburgh
(d 1580, Lord of Session as ‘Lord Ratho’)
and Janet Purves
James Marjoribanks
and ?
Joseph Marjoribanks in Edinburgh (d 1636)
and Marion Sympson
(dau of Andrew Sympson of Edinburgh)
John Marjoribanks of Leuchie (b 1612)
and Elizabeth Trotter
(dau of John Trotter of Morton Hall)
Edward Marjoribanks of Hallyards (b 1654)
and Agnes Murray
(dau of Robert Murray of Melgund)
Edward Marjoribanks of Hallyards (b 1688)
and Janet Loch
(dau of James Loch of Drylaw)
John Marjoribanks of Hallyards (b 1712)
and Katherine or Catherine Campbell*
Edward Marjoribanks of Hallyards & Lees,
later of Balerno (b 1735, d 1815)
and Grizel or Grace Stewart
(d 1817, dau of Archibald Stewart, Lord Provost of Edinburgh,
son of Sir Robert, Bart of Allanbank)
Sir John Marjoribanks, 1st Bart of Lees,
Lord Provost of Edinburgh (b 13.01.1763, d 05.02.1833)
and Alison Ramsay
(dau of William Ramsay of Barnton)
Rachel Marjoribanks (d 01.12.1874)
and Josiah Nesbit
Alice Anne Nisbet (d 01.12.1874)
and George Ramsay Maitland
several generations

* There’s seems to be some contention about whether the John Marjoribanks of Hallyards’ wife was Catherine Campbell (dau of Ronald Campbell of Kames and Balerno or Katherine Campbell (dau of Ronald Campbell of Balerno). Maybe this riddle will be solved before I look into the Campbell connection.

Anyway, my brief look at My Marjoribanks Ancestors has opened the door to a whole host of other families I can look into, including: the Purves, Sympsons, Trotters, Murrays, Lochs, Campbells, Stewarts and Nisbets.

6 thoughts on “My Marjoribanks Ancestors

  1. I am interested in and researching the life of Sir William Majoribanks, Lees who owned our house in Cheltenham. If this is of interest please send me your contact details.
    John Wood

  2. Enjoyed your site, Justin. Just a question on Marion Sympson … Was she the SISTER of Andrew Sympson?
    Check out “PARAGRAPH 4. – Joseph Marjoribanks, of Edinburgh … married Marion, sister, and in her issue co-heir, of Andrew Sympson, merchant burgess of Edinburgh ; she died June, 1621, (testament dative confirmed 3 Jan., 1623,) and had at least three sons and two daughters.

    1. Sally, thanks for comment. Sadly, I don’t know much about Marjoribanks ancestors. I know a little about Sir John because his granddaughter married a Maitland who was a not so distant cousin of hers. Marjoribanks, Maitlands, and Ramsay families seem closely connected but haven’t really come across Sympson family. Sorry. Justin

      1. No worries! She is in your pedigree so I thought that you might have some extra information on her. Thanks Justin

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